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Ending Body Burnout Show

Ending Body Burnout Show

Hosted by: Chris & Filipa Bellette

Join Filipa & Chris Bellette, founders of multi award-winning telehealth practice Chris & Filly Functional Medicine. With 2+ decades in healthcare, we have served over 2,000+ busy, burned-out people with...

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2: Filly’s Body Burnout Story

Today on the Ending Body Burnout Show, Chris interviews Filly all about her own body burnout story and all the layers of healing she went through.   Filly shares: Her first signs of body burnout in her teenage years,...
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1: What does "Ending Body Burnout" actually mean?

In today’s FIRST episode, Chris & Filly kick-off sharing with you all the exciting things you can expect in upcoming episodes, as well as dig deep into what “Ending Body Burnout” actually means.   Chris &...
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