Are You Ready To Finally Break Free From Hormonal and Gut Burnout?

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Our Mission

Health can seem complicated. But...We believe there are only so many ways the body falls apart. Our mission is to find you ANSWERS and give you SOLUTIONS to your health issues.

We heal those who are stressed-out & worn-out, so they can take back control and find their calm. As a husband & wife power-team, we use our proven signature Functional Medicine System, to help you get to the root cause, and achieve real, long-lasting results.


Are You Ready To Finally Break Free From Hormonal and Gut Burnout?

Watch Our Free Mini-Course

About us

Filipa Bellette is an accredited Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner, trained and mentored by some of the World's Best in Functional Medicine. Her husband, Chris Bellette, is a sought-after Mindset Coach & NLP Practitioner. Together they heal your WHOLE self - body, mind & spirit. 

Let us take the 'What-the-heck-is-making-me-sick?' burden off you, and nut it out together.

Our Signature Functional Medicine System

There was a time when Chris & Filly worked apart - Chris with his coaching, Filly with her healing. There were certain clients, however, that just weren't getting results - either because they had serious physiological imbalances that needed healing, or because they needed more coaching to overcome mind-blocks and stay on track with treatment plans. When Chris & Filly combined their skill-sets, BIG RESULTS began to happen.

This led to our Signature Chris & Filly Functional Medicine System (the first of its the WORLD) which aims to give you back Clarity, Calm, Control & Confidence:


We use functional medicine pathology testing to detect the physiological imbalances that are causing your symptoms. 


We use mindset coaching to help you bring structure to your struggles, and to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. 


We use lifestyle & nutrition coaching, to assist in the healing of your body, mind & spirit, and to set the stage for long-lasting health. 


We use practitioner-grade nutraceutical supplements to heal your body systems. We only prescribe what you need based on lab testing.

Is Chris & Filly Functional Medicine Right For You?

Let's Find Out

Get to the root cause of your health issues in 45 days


Our Rise Up Protocol is designed to accelerate you to the root cause of your health issues in 45 days. This protocol is all about giving you ANSWERS and is specifically for those who are feeling stressed-out, worn-out and overwhelmed. We use functional medicine lab testing, nutraceuticals, mindset & lifestyle coaching to detect what (inside your body, mind & in your life) is making you sick.

Is what we do right for you?


A 6 Month deep dive into the healing process


Our Immersion Protocol is where we really dig-deep to heal the root cause of your health issues so you don't keep falling back to feeling out of control and overwhelmed. Depending on lab results, this may involve healing your neuroendocrine system, gastrointestinal system and/or your liver detoxification system. We go deeper into treating your mind & soul, and ensure new lifestyle habits stick.

Is what we do right for you?


Tack back control, find your calm

Turn your Confusion into Clarity. Your Overwhelm into Calm. Your Chaos into Control. Your Uncertainty into Confidence. 

What our clients say

Don't just take our word for it, here's a few rave reviews from some of our clients.

Get our Advanced Elimination Diet & Healing Plan today

Is the food you're eating (even the 'healthy' food) making you sick? How can you overcome food sensitivities and reclaim your health? Find out now - download our Advanced Elimination Diet & Healing Plan (for FREE) and start your journey to healing today!


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