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Happy. Healthy. Productive.

holistic healing for better parents & biz owners


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Happy. Healthy. Productive.


holistic healing for 
parents & biz owners


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life's too short to be burned out

Sick & Tired

Fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, PMS, gut issues, aches & pains, bad skin...

...and GP results come back fine?!?


Moody, irritable, exhausted...

...the couch sounds great, but the dishes aren't done. Johnny! Stop hitting your sister!

Stuck in hustle.

On the go, torn between building the business & parenting...

...and time for yourself...what's that?

What is burnout costing you... your family, your business and your life?

We don't just care about ending burnout...

We care about you.

We care about you.

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Some nice words from our clients

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Some nice words from our clients

here's how we help

DIY Courses

Improve your health, relationships & lifestyle with our self-paced online courses. 

Perfect if you're not quite ready for deep-dive individualised healing & coaching, or if you just need to do some 'tweaking'.

Individualised healing & coaching to optimise your body, connect with yourself & your family, and create the life & business that you really want. 

This is the full works - lab testing, treatment protocols, natural medicines, coaching & support.

Semi-private & 1:1


Engage Chris or Filly (or both!) for your next in-person or virtual event. Speaking topics include root cause of burnout in parents & biz owners, body system burnout, post baby depletion in entrepreneurial mums, living a value-driven life, and achieving flow. 

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here's how it works

1. Discovery Call

An easy peezy 15min call to find out IF we can help you
or need to refer you to our network.

 2. What's Wrong?

Get to the root cause of your burnout in 30-days with functional lab testing, case & lab-review & uncovering any imbalances in the 6 key areas that cause burnout

 3. Let's Fix It

Now we know what's wrong - let's fix it! A holistic 6-month process healing burnout with our 6 key principle method. Done in an intimate group of parents & biz owners or exclusively 1:1.

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Watch our free mini-course

on conquering burnout & rebalancing hormones & gut health naturally.

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Every child has a right to have a healthy, happy life

Sadly, there are many children in our country & around the world that don't have this.
We are on a mission to change that & we have partnered with some good people doing good things in the world. Read more...
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days of education and safety to keep girls in Cambodia in school and out of sex brothels

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