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"I was suffering with infections after I gave birth to my first child. I was also struggling with chronic yeast infections. I felt extremely weak & exhausted all the time. Through some testing with Filipa’s service I found out I had parasites, bacterial infections, my overall gut health was really bad. She got me on a healing plan. I was taking different supplements, hot/cold showers, meditating, cleaning up my sleep hygiene & more! Needless to say all my terrible symptoms went away within about 2 months & 3-6 months I was feeling much better. Post-partum one year I had my strength back! I am very grateful for the time & patience Filipa has with her clients. Probably my favourite thing about my entire experience with her is how much I learned about taking better care of my health. With all the treatments we did she would educate me on why this heals your body. Highly recommend her services for a natural healing experience!!”


"Before working with Chris & Filly, I was struggling with anxiety and overwhelm. Chris & Filly’s program was so different to anything I’d tried - it addressed multiple avenues in a more holistic approach. I really like the live webclasses that Chris & Filly have created to complement and accelerate the individualised support I get. It was so good to have that access to you both. I’ve gained more awareness of what's happening in my mind/body. Still have some road to cover!”


"I was struggling big time with a lack of love for myself. I’d tried many things to overcome my challenges. I knew Chris & Filly’s program was working - when it actually worked! About 4 weeks in, I really began to focus on regular walking and eating correctly (both of which I’ve emotionally struggled with all my life). The supplements helped so much to kick my brain into gear. My outlook on myself is a lot healthier, I'm calmer”

Meg Cables

"Before I discovered Filipa I was feeling depleted after over 5 years of pregnancies and breastfeeding.

I had tried several natural practitioners, but I wasn't making progress. Because there was technically nothing wrong with me, no one seemed too fussed with my complaints!

Filipa was the first one to suggest full testing of my adrenals and gut health and this was such a game changer. I finally knew what I was dealing with and Filipa set me up with the perfect protocol that consisted of both lifestyle changes and supplements.

Immediately, many of my symptoms disappeared and after a few months I felt so much more vitality than I had in years.

It had taken 6 months to get pregnant with both our children but my body was obviously healthy and well balanced after working with Filipa as we got pregnant with our third without even trying! I feel so much less anxiety this pregnancy and know that my body is a healthy vessel for this baby.

I was always sick after my second child was born but I wasn't sick once last winter after working with Filipa. I'm excited to have her support during this pregnancy and the newborn stage.

Filipa is approachable and immediately made me feel comfortable. Her sense of humour is lovely and her thoroughness is what makes her a stand out in the health and wellness world."

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“I absolutely love Chris & Filly Functional Medicine’s wholistic approach”


"Before embarking on my health & wellness journey with Chris & Filly, I was feeling terrible anxiety, complete lack of motivation, mood disorder and generally feeling very unwell and stuck.

On my own, my issues felt insurmountable/impossible to resolve. But Chris & Filly's program was so much different! Their holistic approach to wellness is amazing - [in the past] I have only ever been offered dietary advice, a nutrition consultation, personal training or counselling... this is like everything wrapped up in one awesome, kindly delivered package with two of the best humans ever.

I knew their protocol was working when I started making small (in my mind "pathetic") changes to what I was doing. It wasn't even 100% of what was being advised and it STILL made a massive difference!

Also when I started hearing Chris's voice in my head or thinking about things he had said as daily issues started coming up. I am still a long way off with plenty of improvement to make BUT I feel like I'm moving forwards and have actual momentum for the first time in 2 years.

The supplements are ACTUALLY helping me and I'm the world's biggest cynic when it comes to them. I am exercising regularly, my expectations of myself are more realistic and I am starting to feel more confident making friends and meeting new people. I am actually starting to feel like my old self”


“Filipa is a lovely helpful caring person who has helped me with my health problems so that I can now enjoy life again. I recommend her 100%”


"The big change-my-life moment came when we detected a Candida Overgrowth on my stool test which was contributing to my bloating and emotional eating. As we worked on the candida, we also did a lot of behavioural reprogramming work around my emotional eating and lack of love for myself (which is why I was DOING so much - always doing for others, never for myself). After a month or so my bloating & brain-fog began to resolve - but what was most amazing was I had complete control over the way I ate. I always had a poor relationship with food, so this was mind-blowing!”

Brian Jones

"Earlier this year, I felt the early signs of burnout.  

Yet, everything was going incredibly well...

My family was doing great, VAP is growing, I was exercising, and overall I had won the lottery in life.  

However, I would often get halfway through my day and need a rest; or if I pushed through, I might have had to leave the dinner table before finishing my meal to go to sleep.

I could feel the internal elastic band getting so stretched it was ready to snap.

I was fine in meetings because I literally love what I do.  It's incredibly inspiring and fulfilling seeing clients and team members winning every day.

So why did I:

  • Have low energy EVERY day,
 have gut issues
  • Have constant headaches all day, every day, and

  • Wake up thinking to myself NAFD (not another f'ing day)?

This is where Chris and Filly come in.

I joined Chris and Filly's program where I had functional medicine tests and feedback sessions with Filly and mindset coaching sessions with Chris. Fast forward 4 months to today and I now have excellent energy throughout the day, no gut issues, no headaches, and I'm waking up inspired to start the day!"

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“Hi Filipa.....just to let you know I have been feeling awesome! I usually dread grey, cold weather..mostly because of seasonal depression....well not the last two days...and barely any brain fog or dizziness....I've just baked all afternoon .....and went to the shops, without feeling exhausted! (so happy) Thankyou”


“Having recently come off the SIBO liquid diet (one of the toughest things I’ve done) 1000% worth it. My bloating symptoms have improved significantly. Thank you!! Definitely couldn’t have done it without your support”


"I cannot speak highly enough of Filipa and the Happy Biome. I first came to see Filipa in November last year - fatigued, aching, overweight with no ability to lose weight, overtraining and undereating.... also driving my poor husband crazy with horrendous mood swings. Cut to today, I’m on a journey back to wellness and I know it’s a long road but already I’m feeling about 1000% better - no longer fatigued, no longer aching, sleeping well, loving a whole new world of healthy eating and making sure I do use the right recovery protocols for my training. And my mood swings are a thing of the past.... The process with Filipa is comprehensive and her knowledge is second to none. I’m a Questioner so I’m sure I’ve put Filipa through her paces but that’s also the best bit of all of this - I love our sessions together! I’m so glad I found this woman of total awesomeness”


“I was struggling to find myself in amongst the completing needs of children, husband and work. I was stuck without the tools or motivation for change. Working out my 'why' has given be a while new focus. Chris & Filly’s program is so different to anything I have ever experienced or allowed myself to participate in. Really forced me to focus on myself and how different tools can assist me in changing my overall lifestyle”

Jade Grgurevic

"My journey with Chris & Filly starts here: I was on a mission to find out more about Adrenal Fatigue after being diagnosed with it and not given much support. I decided to attend one of Filipa’s workshops and I knew straight away that I needed to work with her to find out more. I’d been struggling with so many things and all I wanted was to feel better. Filipa and I worked through the tests to find a base for where I was at. I struggled with tiredness, feeling unwell, gut issues and women’s health. Filipa discovered that I had a really unhealthy relationship with food, she didn’t just give me a diet and say here you go, we worked through things step by step, even getting my hands dirty in the kitchen, something I was terrified to do.

After spending some time with Filipa she suggested I have a chat with Chris, because not only was I struggling with unhealthy food habits and imbalances in the body, my mindset was also unhealthy. Working with Chris I realised so many things about myself, it took me a long time to break down my walls but one day I just did and everything clicked into place and it was like I could see clearer. I got to work out what my goals were and who I wanted to be. I discovered in this process I wanted to be a mother (having a baby was something I was told probably wasn’t on the cards for me due to having endometriosis), work on my mental health and be the overall best version on myself. Chris taught me techniques and tools to use to make sure I could deal with anything that was thrown at me.

I worked with Chris and Filipa for over 12 months and I can’t believe the change in myself, I’m much happier with the person I am today and I believe in my own abilities. The changes I was able to make allowed me to reach my goals and even exceed what I wanted, i have created some great habits and I am a healthier in every way. I feel with these changes a miracle happened and I was gifted with a daughter, Frankie George. She is now 4 months old and I get to make some new goals and start my next chapter. I’ve made some life time friends in Chris and Filipa and know I have a great support group with their team."

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“Chris & Filly’sp program helped me make significant changes to my lifestyle and health. I honestly can't believe the shift I feel in my thinking and am so proud of the changes I've made because of doing this program.

Chris and Filly have created a system that challenges your habits, beliefs and mindset in a caring, holistic way. The Rise Up Protocol is not simply about losing weight or exercise, it gives you a huge amount of useful information and insight into what is holding you back from true health in every aspect of your life.

The information provided is completely eye-opening but the advice is simple enough to follow and completely achievable if you're prepared to make even a few small changes just to get yourself going in the right direction again.

The reasonably short length of the program and the way content is regularly delivered, forces you to keep moving ahead and will help to motivate even the biggest procrastinators!

Through comprehensive testing, Filly helped to identify some serious deficiencies that were affecting my health more than I even realised and has set me on a path towards real healing.

Chris is the absolute BEST motivator and coaches you through everything with sensitivity and kindness. Their guidance has helped me get control of my overwhelm, monitor my anxiety, focus on better sleep and nutrition and start to cut out the things that no longer serve me.

I am happier and healthier than I have been in 2 years and do not regret even one second of doing this program! There's still some work to be done but Chris and Filly have given me the courage and confidence to move ahead - happily!"


“Thank you Chris & Filly! I’m loving your holistic approach to healing burnout. The support is so nice, and I love that you look at things from all angles.”


“Chris & Filly provide an abundance of information that makes you feel like you don't lose track of the end game because you're trying new things all the time to help”


“Chris & Filly, you are both naturals when it comes to content delivery and leading people along a journey. Their attitude was never judgemental or harsh either”


"My doctor was amazed that in only three weeks my knee had increased in strength by over 15%...I had no pain killers today!”

Kelly Peihopa.

"As I continue to invest in Filipa and Chris’s Functional Medicine practice protocols, my health continues to improve, and little by little, ailments and health issues disappear. I find myself recommending them to many people and will continue to use their testing and treatment methods to improve my health and wellness. I honestly think everyone can benefit from addressing health issues this way



Brian Jones

Running a fast-growth businesses came at a cost for Brian: his love for helping people, initially affected his health. Brian shares his ending body burnout story, and how he overcame chronic daily headaches, brain fog, fatigue, anxiousness, and stress-triggered body odour.

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"After many years of severe stress, I wasn’t really sick, but I also just didn’t feel well. My main issue was fatigue. It didn’t matter how much sleep I got. I would wake up every morning, just feeling so tired.

But then, over the years other issues began. I developed asthma and felt short of breath. I saw a specialist who prescribed different puffers, which helped, but didn’t totally get rid of my symptoms.

I still had an annoying cough and was constantly having to clear phlegm from my throat.

My GP started me on medication for reflux which helped a little, but didn’t stop the problem all together (I’ve since learnt since seeing Chris and Filly that I had a histamine intolerance).

At the same time I was also diagnosed with sleep apnoea.

The exhaustion was affecting me in many ways. I would wake up tired and would find it difficult to just find the energy to get up and ready for work.

At work I put all the energy I had into my job, so by the time I got home, I had no energy for my family. Some days I would just want to get home and lie down on the couch and want to sleep. I would grab something sweet like chocolate to eat, as I knew it would give me a quick boost. Later in the evening, I would get my second wind and when my kids went to bed, I wasn’t tired, and would stay up late watching something on TV or would be on my phone till late. Then I’d wake up exhausted again the next day.

My reflux symptoms were so bad that it affected my work and also how I interacted with others, as I avoided having to talk to people, as I knew I would just be cleaning my throat all the time.

I didn’t feel like doing anything other than what was absolutely necessary. I used to love going to the gym, but I was too exhausted other than to go to work and to care for my kids.

I felt like I was never going to feel any better than I was. I’d seen specialists and felt like the treatment I was doing, was as good as it was going to get. I wasn’t terribly sick, but I also wasn’t really well.

I wanted to feel like the ‘old me’ again where I could work, be a fun mum, go to the gym and spend time with family and friends, without feeling stressed and exhausted.

Chris and Filly didn’t want to just treat the symptoms. They wanted to find out the root cause of the symptoms. I knew the root cause was many years of stress and the affects it had on my body, but as much as I tried on my own to sort things out on my own (I lost weight, I had seen a Chinese acupuncturist, bio-resonance therapist and a chiropractor regularly) I just didn’t feel well for a long period of time. I would have times when I would feel okay, but I knew I needed more help.

Chris and Filly didn’t just guess what I needed from the symptoms I described to them. Testing showed exactly what was going on in my body. It assured me that we were on the right track, and I wasn’t just wasting my money on supplements, that may or may not help.

They were up front that their program wasn’t a quick fix, but I knew exactly what I should be doing and how long it would take for me to expect to start feeling better. Since seeing them, I have worked a lot on many areas of my life including food, stress, sleep and movement and all of this has helped me to feel so much better. If I start feeling tired or if some of my symptoms come back, I know it’s because I’ve let something slip, and know exactly what I need to do, to get back on track.

Support was there whenever I needed it.

I was able to wake up before my alarm went off, and I didn’t feel tried. I was ready to get out of bed and start my day. I could work all day, and come home and have energy for my kids. I stopped feeling overwhelmed with everything and felt like I had energy for my kids and myself again.

I was able to get off all the asthma and reflux medications and my symptoms are so much better (unless I get off track, but now I know what to do). I no longer avoid talking to people as my constant cough, and phlegm in my throat has disappeared.

I have so much more energy for my kids and myself. I’m able to go to the gym and don’t feel tired after it. I feel so much less stressed overall.

I feel calm because I know that I can be well. I know I don’t have to keep going back to the doctor, and adding more medications, which will only mask my symptoms and not really give me answers.

I am still working on my health, and I know it’s going to be a long term thing that I have to continue doing. Just taking supplements isn’t going to fix all my problems. I know it’s up to me to do all the work that goes along, with good health.

With Chris and Filly’s help I’ve been able to turn my physical and mental health around, and I now wake up looking forward to getting out of bed every day, rather than dreading my alarm going off”

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After a tumultuous upbringing, Sam shares her ending body burnout story, and how she overcame chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, gallstone attacks & gut issues. 

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Lara Hendriks

"I came to Chris & Filly, struggling with weight and the need to de-clutter the busyness from my life. I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed - like I was on a merry-go-round. Chris & Filly’s program encompassed a lot but in a logical order of knowledge.

I knew my protocol was working when I lost 3.5kilo in two weeks, started having normal body functions, and wasn't always craving energy foods/drinks. Also the first week was so bad on the detox that I realised my dependencies where worse than I realised!

If it wasn't for these two amazing people Chris and Filly and their program, I could never have survived the energy required to run for the Liberal team in this State Election. It's a whole lot of crazy miles and hours to ensure I engage with as many people as possible, to understand what matters to them, so I can truly represent.

This program mentally and physically prepared me to be able to do that. Keep up the amazing work - I am your biggest advocate!! You made a real difference in my life. Thank you.”

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The Ending Body Burnout Method helped me discover an deep understanding of myself and create a deeper love and connection with myself.The amount of deep digging I needed to do to get to my root cause was challenging, but I am grateful for what it allowed me to find. NLP was amazing too.

In 4-months, energy went from 4/10 to 8/10, mood went from 6/10 to 10/10 & gut went from 3/10 to 8/10 (10 being awesome)! Gastritis was a 7/10 symptomatic, to now 0 most of the time - I have little flares but now know how to course correct quickly! Life improvements: I have better habits, more balance & wellbeing, more self-love and enjoyment in life, and even improvements in relationships, work and finances!

Jason Alexander

The Ending Body Burnout Method was a journey of personal growth. Gaining the skills to control my thinking and NLP. Loved discovering my purpose! Loved Chris's joke's (lol). 

In 4-months, energy went from 5/10 to 8.5/10, mood went from 6/10 to 9/10 & gut went from 6/10 to 8/10 (10 being awesome)! Body pain was a 6/10 symptomatic, to now 2/10. Life improvements: better habits, more wellbeing, self-love and enjoyment in life, and improvements in relationships.


I was searching for answers. I had tried everything, yet I wasn't convinced that I had been given all of the answers because of the way I was continuing to feel despite doctors telling me otherwise. Physically and emotionally I was in a mess, and had been for years. I came across Chris and Filly and reached out and had a FREE discovery call.

I will admit that at that time I wasn't convinced they could help but I was willing to try for the sake of my health and my relationships that were falling down around me. I began on my Ending Body Burnout journey and did not look back! 5 months later, I have my life back! Energy, happiness, strength and focus. Chris and Filly's Ending Body Burnout protocol is like nothing I had ever tried before. It has changed my life and I will be forever grateful to Chris and Filly for guiding me through the process. If you are reading this, then you are obviously curious about ending your body burnout too. Stop thinking, and just go for it. You have so much to gain and nothing to lose.

In 5-months, energy went from 2/10 to 9/10, mood went from 2/10 to 10/10 & gut went from 2/10 to 9/10 (10 being awesome)! Other inflammatory symptoms were 10/10 symptomatic, to now 2. Life improvements: I have better habits, more balance & wellbeing, more self-love and enjoyment in life, and even improvements in relationships & work!


"I battled chronic health issues from childhood to adulthood. Breast implants worsened my symptoms. Doctors dismissed me, but I took control. After removing the implants, addressing root causes with Chris & Filly Functional Medicine, and healing subconscious wounds, I'm now calm, vibrant, and thriving!"


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Angeline Drury

"My feet around four years back and Sunday. As you can see my whole skin was gray in colour especially my feet.

Praise the Lord you can see the improvement in health

The first photo is from the time I was trying to do all that the doctor, dietician and endocrinologist wanted me to do that I was able to do. I believe if I had kept doing what was advised I would be dead by now (highly allergic to the medications). From the time they diagnosed me with diabetes I felt like I was the disease and no longer a person, they stopped looking at my other health issues and focussed on the diabetes.

I am alive because I asked the Lord what I should do and started on my journey to wellness.

First eating less than they wanted me to eat - I had previously increased what I ate to almost double to fit in with the dietician guidelines, it made all my health issues worse.

Reducing meat and processed carbohydrates those increased under their guidelines. Which contributed greatly to my health issues.

Due to the testing done with Chris and filly we now know my body doesn't process them well.

I hit a roadblock with the doctor when I couldn’t take the diabetes medication as I was allergic to the ingredients. I had no choice other than to seek out other ways of looking after myself.

That's when I remembered I had met and talked with you Filipa at the art gallery when you were training to help people like me. I asked the Lord what he thought, I felt him leading me to your care so I made contact and found that you had finished your training and could see me.

We did tests and I remember you saying that you couldn't believe I could actually get out of bed in the mornings. I was the worst case of adrenal fatigue you had seen. I still have days where it is a challenge to get out of bed early. When I do get out of bed my quality of life is so much better.

Thankyou Filipa Bellette for helping me to find out the causes of my multiple health conditions and treating those. For seeing me as a whole person with health issues that can be helped."

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