5: Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Gallstones - Sam's Story

Filly is joined by Sam, one of our super inspiring clients who has recently gone through Chris & Filly Functional Medicine’s “Ending Body Burnout Method”. 


Sam shares her ending body burnout story, and how she overcame chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, gallstone attacks & gut issues. 


These real-life stories are super special. We are lovers of words and the power of stories to heal and to create a transformation. And the research is clear: telling your own story and listening to other people share their story has mental AND physical healing benefits. Stories also metabolise trauma - which is what a lot of people struggling with chronic body burnout and “mystery” symptoms experience on a day to day basis. 


So we are incredibly grateful to the wonderful Sam, for coming on the show today, to spread the love and healing with others, as she shares her own ending body burnout journey. 


In this episode, Sam chats to Filly about:


  • The health issues she was struggling with, before reaching out to Chris & Filly - chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, gallstone attacks and gut issues. Sam also talks about how this was affecting her life - how she struggled to get through a day at work in her desk job, how she constantly crashed after trying to exercise, how she constantly got worried and stressedout about everything and everything, and how she was left flat on her back some days, in so much pain with gallstone attacks. 
  • (6:02) Sam talks about what she had tried before reaching out to Chris & Filly. She worked with a couple of psychologists, who helped with managing anxious thoughts. But it didn’t help with her physical body - the fatigue, the brain fog, the gut issues - which had a cyclical affect on her mental health, flaring up her anxiety again. She had also tried a bunch of supps prescibed by a chinese medicine practitioner, as well as supps found on Dr Google - which were costing her $300+ every month, with little results. 
  • (7:43) Filly and Sam chat about the Answers phase of the Ending Body Burnout Method, which includes connecting the dots of symptoms and her health history, and getting answers around body systems using functional lab testing. Both Sam and Filly were surprised to see that Sam’s adrenal stress hormone test results came back perfect (even though Sam ticked all the “adrenal fatigue” symptoms!). This is why we test, don’t guess! We did more digging into body systems with additional testing, which found the source of Sam’s issues at a physical level - low dopamine & adrenaline, retracted mitochondria, detox & bile issues, and gut dysbiosis & low secretory IgA.
  • (11:17)+(13:14) (17:10)While understanding body system imbalances is important to overcoming body burnout, it is not the end solution. The next question we asked was: Why? Why, Sam, are these specific body systems burned-out? What caused the body systems to burn-out in the first place? Sam and Filly chat about the root-causes of Sam’s burnout - growing up in a stressful environment, which caused dysfunctional beliefs of “not being enough”, which then caused a chronic abnormal stress response which overtime, burned-out Sam’s body systems. Inner subconscious patterns also led Sam to getting stuck in toxic relationships and work places that were causing more stress to her body and mind. Sam also talks about environmental toxin exposure from an early age - secondary smoking and alcoholism (even when she was in her mother’s womb). This impacted her liver and detox health, which overtime caused bile and gallbladder issues. 
  • (18:47)+(20:40)(Sam tells us about moments when she knew the Ending Body Burnout Method was working to solve her issues. She was finally able to get back into a regular exercise routine, that was helping her rather than causing more body burnout. She started getting through days of work with sustained energy and mental clarity. She is now regulating her stress repsonse in a healthy way (even in the face of a lot of stuff currently going on in her life). She hasn’t had a gallstone attack for a couple of years - which was chronically happening 2-weeks before her birthday, and sometimes every couple of months after that! 
  • (25:52) Sam also shares what her life is now like. She got out of a toxic relationship, and is feeling good within herself, and happy with being on her own for now. She took charge of a toxic workplace, and is now in a healthy, happy workplace environment. And she’s just built a new house! All this, from a girl who grew up with neglect, and without a proper education. Sam is a completely new woman and an inspiration to the possibilities that can come when you can end your body burnout! 
  • (28:52)Sam also shares a message of hope to our listeners: how healing can come when you can stay consistent with your healing program. Even if it is just 1% better everyday! 



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