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We are on a mission to end body burnout in "busy" people with energy, mood & gut issues.

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Everyone knows that your event and online course or summit is only as great as your MC, keynote speaker or coaches. So, if you want your audience to be captivated by a vibrant and passionate MC or speaker, look no further! (FYI…there will likely be lots of ‘poo’ talk…and maybe wee and farts!).

Both Chris & Filly have many years of experience speaking at events, and can speak solo or together at your event. 


If you’ve got an event coming up and want to create a fun and engaging atmosphere, let’s connect and see if we’re the right fit.

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Filly talks about poop & more!

Filipa is a contagious mix of fun & science.

She is highly detailed when it comes to the imbalances that can occur in your body due to burnout, but uses humour and everyday stories to educate your audience about all things gut, neuroendocrine and detox health.

Expect lots of 'poo' and 'farts' and 'fungi growing in your butt' type talk!

Filipa's own personal experience of post-baby burnout while juggling a profession in academia and running a business, also gives Filipa's speaking gigs a compassionate and relatable touch.

She has felt BROKEN, HOPELESS and a bit (or a lot!) like a DRAGON MUM, and searched for years to get to and solve the root cause of her burnout.

She's walked the walk, and provides hope and inspiration to other parents and professionals who are feeling burned-out, overwhelmed, unproductive, and detached from their family and professional purpose.

Filipa shares her enthusiasm that it IS possible to overcome and prevent burnout...even WITH kids and while still living your entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations.

Speaking topics

  • Post-baby burnout in entrepreneurial mums
  • How gut health can affect your true potential as a parent & biz owner
  • How body imbalances can cause you to feel like a "Dragon" or a "Zombie"
  • The ROOT CAUSE of burnout...going beyond body imbalances
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Melissa Duniam

Events Facilitator

Filly was a guest presenter at a women’s holistic health & wellness event I facilitated for our north-west Tasmania region. Filly’s bubbly nature, welcoming personality and energetic presence kept the attendees engaged and subjects relatable based around Women’s health and well-being. Being seen, being heard and being supported are major factors in the healing process. Filly ticks all those boxes" 

Sally Milbourne

Whoa Nellie Content Creation

"Filipa's energy and enthusiasm towards all things Functional Medicine is inspiring, contagious and captivating. Not only is the breadth and depth of her knowledge extensive, her passionate delivery motivates you to just be the best version of yourself! She holds an audience's attention and is a delight to deal with when organising an event. I'd highly recommend Filipa to speak at your next event!" 

Mat Lock

General Manager, The Bay Games

"Filipa is a regular guest in our workplace wellness program sessions. Her ability to distill the complexities of functional medicine into engaging, relatable and bite-sized pieces is simply perfect. We always look forward to having Filipa amongst our team and clients - lots more to come!"

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