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Our Mission


Health can seem complicated. But...We believe there are only so many ways the body falls apart. Our mission is to find you ANSWERS and give you SOLUTIONS to your health issues.

We heal those who are stressed-out & worn-out, so they can take back control and find their calm. As a husband & wife power-team, we use our proven signature Functional Medicine System, to help you get to the root cause, and achieve real, long-lasting results.


Filipa Bellette, PhD

About me...starts with about you...I’m guessing you’re here because your body is breaking down? You are not alone! I was there once too. It is crushing. Debilitating.  I know this viscerally, intricately, because this was me after the birth of my first baby. Your story, is my story. 

I was searching for answers, for solutions - for YEARS. I tried this way of eating. I tried that supplement. I tried this doctor. That practitioner. Some things helped reduce symptoms. Yet still I wasn’t getting to the root cause of my health issues. 

This led me to be treated by one of the world’s best in Functional Medicine, Dr Daniel Kalish, who, at the same time, mentored me in the practice of Functional Medicine. He gave me a PLAN to uncover ALL the root causes of my health issues, so that I could finally get on top of my health and become the mum, the wife, and the healer that I wanted to be.

I am grateful, now, having done the hard work, that I have the knowledge and skills to fast-track you to find answers and solutions to your health issues. Together, we can turn your decades into days!

Filipa Bellette is an accredited Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner. She is a graduate from the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine, and continues today to be mentored personally by Dr Kalish. Filipa also has a a Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Writing from Macquarie University, and was awarded the University Medal for her BA in Psychology & English from University of Tasmania.

Chris Bellette, BHSc

I have always been blessed with health of body and mind. For many years, however, I devalued my blessings and abused my body, my mind and my spirit. I was so obsessed with elite level sport and being ‘the best’ - first, national-level basketball, then national-level Strongman - that I broke my body down with multiple injuries, burnt-out my adrenals, and was left living on energy drinks to get through work, and conking out on the couch when I was at home, leaving little time for my kids and my wife. 

I had lost my way. Although I was a physically 'big' man, I felt weak and broken inside. It was through my own 2-year mentorship with world-renowned Holistic Health Coach, Mark Buckley, that I discovered the power of Mindset Coaching - which literally saved my life in more ways then one. Through intensive psychological re-shifting work, and healing of my own body systems (with the help of my darling wife!), I found my way back.

I have always felt a connection and a love for those who are broken, body and mind, and I believe, that it is my purpose in life to provide guidance and encouragement to them and to lift their lives. I get inside your head and your heart, and help make sense of your mess and bring structure to your struggles.

Chris Bellette holds a Bachelor of Human Movement Science, and has over 20 years in the health industry. Investing heavily in his education and self-development, he has a special interest in Mindset Coaching and using movement to heal the body, mind & spirit. He is also currently completing his Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner certification.

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