Apr 19, 2024

Are you feeling stressed, burned-out & now your gut is not happy?! You know…bloating, gut cramps, heartburn, diarrhoea, constipation?

Does your gut & other health issues flare up when you’re stressed?

Have you tried alllll the supps, diets, maybe even hypnotherapy, and still your gut is not right?

And now you’re stuck, not sure which way to turn to resolve your health issues?

I see you, I’ve been there too!

My Gut Issues Story

I struggled with chronic heartburn for a good 20 years. It sucked! I tried all the usual things. Apple cider vinegar before eating, ginger tabs, rubbing lemon essential oil on my chest after food, eating less, avoiding certain foods. These things helped, but they only ever “managed” the underlying issue.

I had periods where the gut issues were mild, and other periods (in times of high stress) where it was chronic, everyday, after every meal, and was also really affecting my skin, hormones and mental health.

I was feeling stuck, until I came across functional medicine.

Test Not Guess

At this point in time I had graduated as a Clinical Nutritionist. And when I started doing my own functional lab testing, I discovered I was riddled with pathogens - h.pylori (a common culprit for heartburn and other gut issues, but not always picked up on GP tests), parasites, candida overgrowth. All of these were massively contributing to my own gut issues, and no amount of healthy eating had rebalanced my microbiome.

I see this now in practice, so many clients having done so many diets, tried different supps recommended by Dr Google or the local health food store, yet no resolution to their issues.

So first up, I would always test the gut, to see what is actually happening inside of you.

Now, you might be thinking: but I did that big expensive stool test or SIBO test with my practitioner, I took the supps, yet my symptoms keep coming back!

This is very common, and will always happen if other body systems are out of whack. You see, the gut does not function in isolation. Other body systems like your adrenal glands, sex hormones, brain, nervous system and detox pathways also play a role in a healthy gut.

And if you’re running “busy” patterns (over-doing, perfectionism, people pleasing) and constantly feeling stressed and burned-out, then it’s highly likely these other body systems aren’t doing so well, and are preventing you from getting full resolution of your gut issues.

Is it time to run some additional functional medicine lab tests to see what’s happening?

But What’s The Root-Cause of Body System Imbalances?

Now you might’ve worked with a practitioner who has tested a bunch of body systems, you’ve done the protocols, but still your body is feeling burned-out. If this is the case, you haven’t yet identified deeper root-causes.

In my functional medicine practice, we go beyond just treating the physical body systems. We look deeper into WHY the gut & other body systems have burned-out. Leaky gut, pathogens, microbiome depletion, inflammation - these all lead to symptoms, but they are NOT the root-cause of your gut issues and other body burnout symptoms.

In our practice, we work off the presupposition that you are not broken. The results you are getting in every area of life - including your current state of health - are the exact results you've designed your system to create in order to try to protect yourself.

Sure you might hate your gut issues & other body burnout symptoms. Sure you might feel like your body is broken, like it is fighting against you. But actually, it’s fighting FOR you! It’s sending you strong pain signals to try to protect you and to help keep you safe.

This is where stress and burnout patterns come into play. Is your body screaming at you, trying to say: Stop! Enough is enough! Your way of being is sucking the life out of us!

Often we develop health issues, too, to keep us small, or as an excuse not live fully in life. This comes back to deeper unconscious core beliefs we have about ourselves - if there are hidden beliefs that you are not good, unworthy, weak, incapable, dumb, bad, broken, etc, then your body creates health issues to keep you safe from ever being found out.

If it’s the sick you showing up and you get rejected, it won’t hurt as much as if it were the healthy you showing up and getting rejected. Your unconscious mind is so clever at trying to protect us, even if rationally and consciously it doesn’t make sense because you HATE your health issues!

I actually had a major flare up of heartburn when COVID hit that went on for a whole year. This time no lab test or supps or diets could “fix it”. It wasn’t until I resolved these deeper metaphysical root-causes (for me, I had hidden beliefs of being weak and incapable which was causing major dysfunction in my body and stress in my life) that I could free myself from the heartburn.

Until you can get to the bottom of this & reprogram your WHOLE self, you’ll constantly be managing your health issues - or worse, they’ll end up screaming louder at you!


It Takes Healing The Physical & The Metaphysical

Your body isn’t just a physical body. It is also a mental-emotional body, a spiritual body, an energetic body, an unconscious body and a nervous system. When it comes to healing, you CAN NOT separate the bodies.

Which is why in my functional medicine practice we help our clients heal all parts of themselves, for long-term resolution. It’s fascinating how quickly and robustly it works when you stop treating your symptoms in a reductionist way.

I’ve had clients who have seen 10-20 practitioners (allopathic and natural), and have hodge-podge tried to treat different parts of themselves, with little long-term change. When they joined our award-winning 6-month healing accelerator program, finally we could get all parts of themselves talking to each other and on the same page. This is when healing happens!

Keen To Learn How?

If you’re keen to learn how to holistically heal your gut, and get out of stress, overwhelm and burnout, I’d love to invite you to our (free) 3-Day LIVE Coaching: Stress, Burnout & Why Your Gut Protocol Isn’t Working, held on 21, 22 & 24 April at 12-1pm AEST.  This event is being held in celebration of Natural Medicine Week!! :)

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