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Initial Consultation


  • 90min session with Functional Medicine Practitioner Filipa Bellette
  • We'll connect the dots of your health & life history, helping you understand what is happening & why. This is the first step to a successful treatment
  • Know what body systems may be causing your symptoms
  • Prescription for functional lab testing to diagnose body system imbalances
  • Initial prescriptive dietary advice (if needed) to help you uncover any food sources that may be contributing to your symptoms
  • Access to our online ANSWERS portal with additional eduction, handouts and reading material to help you understand the root causes of your burnout
  • Walk away with a plan to move forward and end your burnout
  • Convenient virtual consult - get treated anywhere in Australia! (In-person option for locals in NW Tasmania)
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Dr Daniel Kalish, Founder of Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine

"Filipa Bellete, PhD has been an outstanding practitioner with a deep understanding of the field of functional medicine, I would encourage all who can to see her as a new client."

When you book an initial consultation with us, we donate one day of education to girls in Cambodia through our partnership with Free to Shine.

Together, we and you help girls to stay in school and not be sold for sex.

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Proudly supporting Free to Shine

Prefer to have a chat first before booking in for an initial consult?

If you'd prefer to have a 10-15min chat with one of our team first, to see if we can help you with what you need, click the button below to schedule a free Discovery Call

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How to go from GUESSING to ANSWERS in 3 EASY STEPS

Starting with your initial consult, we'll connect the dots and get a big picture of your overall health and well being. The opportunity here is for us to prescribe Functional Medicine Lab Testing that best suits your needs in order to confirm your body system imbalances. Once we get your test results back we can combine that information with all the info that we gathered in and before your Initial Consult and we can give your Lab Review Consult.

That's our process - it works and there's no more guessing!

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Before your initial consult - there's a few things we need you to do

In order to best help you and to make best use of our time together, we need to get as much information from you as possible - we call this putting dots on the page.

The more info we can get, the better. After you complete your booking with us, you'll gain access to our online login area. Here you'll be able to complete our essential questionnaires and diagnostic assessments that we use in as reference points in your consult.

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