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Feeling stuck with your health issues?

Have you hit a roadblock with the GP?

Has Doctor Google failed you?

Are you at an all-time low, frustrated and confused about why you’re feeling sick, tired and grumpy?

Imagine how it would feel to shine a light on your imbalances, and finally discover why you feel the way you do.

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3 Things An Initial Consult Does For You:

Have Clarity

No more guessing whether it's leaky gut or adrenal fatigue or heavy metal toxicity.

Find Hope

No more self-treating based on Google searches and health food store recommendations.

Feel Heard

No more feeling unheard or brushed off because your medical tests are fine...but you don't feel fine!

Book Your Consult - $297

When you stop guessing you will:

Save time

We know exactly what to test & where the root causes are coming from!

Save money

Put a stop to buying random supps, courses & practitioner-hopping!

Save sanity

You will finally be understood and not have to do it on your own!

You want to know what exactly happens in an Initial Consult?

Spend 90min of discovery time with Functional Medicine Practitioner Filipa Bellette. Together, you'll go in-depth into your main health complaints, health history, diet, lifestyle and stressors. After Filly connects all the pieces of your case, she'll then know what body systems to focus on, and prescribe lab testing and preliminary dietary modifications. 

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The shortcut to having a healthy & happy life is to
end your body burnout

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But what is the reason you are feeling
fatigued, inflammed and overweight?

Filipa Bellette

Hi, I'm Filipa Bellette, co-founder of Chris & Filly Functional Medicine. I'm on a mission to end body burnout once and for all, so you can get your spark back! 

I felt like you once too. After I had kids, my body really broke-down - and so did my mental health. I searched for years trying to get to the root cause of my health issues. I tried lots of ways of eating, saw different doctors and natural therapists. Some things helped a bit - but still it wasn't getting to the root cause.

So I became an accredited Clinical Nutritionist myself, and worked with Dr Daniel Kalish, the worlds best in Functional Medicine, for four years, learning everything there is to know about Functional Medicine. And now, with my hubby, motivational coach Chris Bellette, we have created the Ending Body Burnout method which treats the WHOLE person for life-lasting results.

Chris Bellette

Hi, I'm Chris Bellette, the more handsome of the co-founders - lol, jokes! I'm Chris & Filly Functional Medicine's motivational coach, here to hold you in the space to implement the things you need to do to end your body burnout. Making changes for your health can be "hard", but my expertise makes your transformation easier, faster and, most importantly, more enjoyable so that these changes "stick" for life.

I experienced my own body burnout. Back in the day, I pushed my body physically to the limits with national level sporting, and hustling and grinding in business. My body broke-down with multiple injuries, my adrenals burned-out, and I was left living on energy drinks to get through work, and conking out on the couch when I was at home, leaving little time for Filly and my kids.

Although I was a physically "big" man, I felt weak and broken inside. And so I went on my own healing journey, doing functional medicine work with Filly, as well as diving deep into mind healing, and becoming a Master Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner myself, which ultimately made the physical healing possible.

Time To Stop Guessing

And Start Assessing

How to go from GUESSING to ANSWERS in 4 easy steps

Starting with your initial consult, we'll connect the dots and get a big picture of your overall health and well being. The opportunity here is for us to prescribe Functional Medicine Lab Testing that best suits your needs in order to confirm your body system imbalances. Once we get your test results back we can combine that information with all the info that we gathered in and before your Initial Consult and we can give your Lab Review Consult.

That's our process - it works and there's no more guessing!

Book your initial consult now

Before your initial consult - there's a few things we need you to do

In order to best help you and to make best use of our time together, we need to get as much information from you as possible - we call this putting dots on the page.

The more info we can get, the better. After you complete your booking with us, you'll gain access to our online login area. Here you'll be able to complete our essential questionnaires and diagnostic assessments that we use in as reference points in your consult.

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Meet with Filipa for your initial consult

The big picture

An overview of the Answers process

1. Gather Data

After you book in for your Initial Consult, you'll be asked to gather all your data - presentation and onset of your main health complaints, a complete health history (going right back to when you were born), your diet and lifestyle, previous lab tests, personality type, and things you have tried to address health issues. 

2. Connect The Dots

Then you'll meet up with Filly for your Initial Consult. Filly will put on her detective hat and connect the dots based on all your data. During the consult, we will get a big picture overview of your health, potential body system imbalances and root causes, which will guide Filly to prescribing you functional lab testing specific to you.


3. Confirm Imbalances

After the Initial Consult, you'll be given/posted your lab test kit/s to confirm body system imbalances. Samples (usually spit, pee, poo or breath), will be taken in the comfort of your own home, and express posted to the labs for processing.

4. Clear Diagnosis

Once we get your test results back, we can combine that information with all the previous data gathered, and give you a clear diagnosis in your Lab Review Consult. You will know exactly what body systems are imbalanced, and we'll create an individualised treatment map that will work for you to get the complete and remarkable results that you want!

Book Your Consult - $297

Initial Consultation


  • 90min session with Functional Medicine Practitioner Filipa Bellette
  • We'll connect the dots of your health & life history, helping you understand what is happening & why. This is the first step to a successful treatment
  • Know what body systems may be causing your symptoms
  • Prescription for functional lab testing to diagnose body system imbalances
  • Initial prescriptive dietary advice (if needed) to help you uncover any food sources that may be contributing to your symptoms
  • Access to our online ANSWERS portal with additional eduction, handouts and reading material to help you understand the root causes of your burnout
  • Walk away with a plan to move forward and end your burnout
  • Convenient virtual consult - get treated anywhere in Australia! (In-person option for locals in NW Tasmania)
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Help Us Give Back

When you book an initial consultation with us, we donate one day of education to girls in Cambodia through our partnership with Free to Shine.

Together, we and you help girls to stay in school and not be sold for sex.

For more info click the button below.

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Get Answers About Your Root Causes...

Not ready to jump into an Initial Consult just yet? Take our Ending Body Burnout Assessment quiz (it's free) to find out the root causes of your energy, mood and/or gut issues.


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