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44. Money, Trauma & Body Burnout

The stats show that Australians (and people in other western countries) rate “money worries” as their TOP STRESSOR in life. We all know that stress is a major underlying factor in body burnout & chronic health issues - so it would be remiss of us not to dig into WHY “money” is so stressful, and how you can RELEASE money issues so your body can heal. 


In today’s episode, Chris & Filly talk about about:


  • How money worries & stress affect the body systems
  • How money blocks can prevent you from healing
  • Why money worries is RARELY about money
  • How unconscious core beliefs, trauma & past distressing events shape your relationship with money
  • Filly’s “money worry” story & how it was majorly impacting her nervous system & health & how she overcame it
  • Dive deeper into the connection between trauma, stress & body burnout with our FREE 3-Day Live event kicking off next week 16th Jan!


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