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39. Root-Cause of Emotional Eating

Earlier this year, Filly did a webinar on emotional eating for Natural Medicine Week. We thought we’d share it on the poddie today, as we’ve had quite a few people feeling some feels about Christmas, and all the Christmas cheer & parties that are coming up; concerned about going “overboard” around all the sugar, and feeling the guilts about eating “unhealthy. Hopefully this episode today will give you a clear understanding about your eating patterns and help you move into the Christmas period and beyond with more clarity and calm. (FYI: emotional eating is NOT about lack of willpower)


If you’d prefer to WATCH this webinar, head here.  


In today’s episode, Filly covers:

  • Imbalances in the body that lead to emotional eating
  • How to detect imbalances with functional lab testing and how to treat imbalances
  • WHY these body systems burnout in the first place
  • Hidden dysfunctional beliefs, patterns and trauma stuck in the unconscious mind, which directly lead to emotional eating patterns.
  • Q&A with live attendees 

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