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Do you struggle with emotional eating? Sugar cravings, food addictions, guilt eating, stress eating, maybe even unhealthy "healthy" eating?

Emotional eating is very common, especially for the high-achieving burned-out mum juggling kids, business, work, stress, overwhelm, and all the things! Eek - sound familiar?!
In this LIVE masterclass, multi-award winning functional medicine practitioner Filipa Bellette will take you through the ROOT CAUSES of emotional eating.
She'll go into body system imbalances (i.e. the hormones, brain, gut & nutritional deficiencies) that can lead to emotional eating, including how to detect imbalances with functional lab testing and how to treat imbalances.
She'll also take you into WHY these body systems burnout in the first place, looking deep into hidden dysfunctional beliefs and patterns stuck in your subconscious state, which directly link back to emotional eating patterns.  
Keen to finally break-free from emotional eating? 
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Happy client (anon.)

"The big change-my-life moment came when we detected a Candida Overgrowth on my stool test which was contributing to my bloating and emotional eating. As we worked on the candida, we also did a lot of behavioural reprogramming work around my emotional eating and lack of love for myself (which is why I was DOING so much - always doing for others, never for myself). After a month or so my bloating & brain-fog began to resolve - but what was most amazing was I had complete control over the way I ate. I always had a poor relationship with food, so this was mind-blowing!"

About your masterclass host

Filipa Bellette is Co-Founder of multi award-winning health practice Chris & Filly Functional Medicine. She is an accredited Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine. She is also a PhD Scholar, award-winning writer & regularly featured in the media, such as, Forbes and Body+Soul.

Together with her husband Chris Bellette, Filipa has worked with over 2,000+ busy, burned-out clients in the past combined 20+ years. Their practice is best known for ending body burnout (for good!) in high-achieving parents by optimising energy, stabilising mood and balancing gut health. They were recently awarded as the Tasmanian State Winner & National Finalist for the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022, as well as Winner for the Australian Women!s Small Business Champion Awards 2022.

Filipa's own passion for helping parents, especially mums in their late 30's & 40's, have more energy, productivity and connection, came from her own personal experience of body burnout, after juggling the demands of business, family, and her failing health.

Take back control of your eating habits - and end your body burnout for good!

Join Filipa Bellette, PhD, Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine practitioner as she redefines emotional eating and food addictions from her signature functional medicine Ending Body Burnout Method perspective. 

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