37. “Connect The Dots” - Chronic Fatigue & Relapses After Doing “All The Things”

In this “Connect The Dots” episode, Chris & Filly dive into a listener's case around chronic fatigue and recurrent relapses, even after doing allll the things! They cover:

  • The listener’s extensive health issues, onset & relapses after years of infections, mould exposure and chronic stress. 
  • A very hefty list of all the things this listener has tried so far - functional medicine testing, supplement protocols, diets, low-tox, mould removal, talk therapy, CBT, NLP, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, pls more!
  • They use DILT’s Neurological Levels model, to pinpoint where the missing pieces are in this puzzle.
  • Why the body fails to heal - or experiences recurrent relapses - when healing protocols are “done” like a check-list. 
  • How “doing” protocols causes trauma and breaks relationship with self.
  • Forcing healing vs self-permission to heal from the unconscious. 


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