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42. Overcoming Chronic Pain, Mindset & Music with Kristy Russell

Filly is joined with Kristy Russell from Moovers n Shakers Music on today’s poddie episode. Kristy is a ray of sunshine. Everytime I see her pop up in my socials feed, I just want to smile. She’s is an accomplished music and mindfulness teacher, course creator and she has an incredible healing story of working through 30+ years of chronic pain (migraines, gut burning, fibromyalgia-like pain), to emerge deeply connected with herself.   


About Kristy Russell


Kristy Russell is a Music & Mindset mentor and founder of Moovers n Shakers Music. Kristy has a background in Behavioural Science and Early Childhood Teaching, she's also a piano teacher, musician, mum of 2, wife and speaker. 

Kristy is on a mission to spread the magic and power of Music and Mindset to as many educators and carers as possible. She believes Musical Learning and Mindfulness practices need to be embedded in our teacher training packages and in our curriculums from the earliest of ages.


In today’s episode, Kristy talks to Filly about:

  • Her 30+ year journey trying to find solutions to her chronic pain - migraines, fibromyalgia, and gut issues. 
  • The light-bulb moment when Kristy was told by a pain specialist that she doesn’t have to live with pain, and how she retrained her brain and body to dial down pain signals.
  • How Kristy turned inwards to reconnect with herself, and in the process transformed her mental and physical health.
  • Why Kristy is now training for her 1st Dan in Taekwondo.
  • How music and mindfulness was a big part of her healing journey, and why she believes every child should be taught music and mindfulness to prevent body burnout and mental health issues in the future.


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