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40. ADHD & Body Burnout with Sharon Collon

Filly & Chris are joined with Sharon Collon from The Functional Family. Sharon is an award-winning ADHD coach. She not only has a fascinating story to share - overcoming her own autoimmune conditions due to the daily stress of raising 3 boys with severe ADHD - but she also shares SOOOO many gold nugget tips on how to identify ADHD in yourself and children, how to work with an ADHD brain, rather than trying to “fix” it, and manageable ways to bring more calm to the nervous system. This is a must-listen for anyone with (or suspected) ADHD, if you have a ADHD family member, or you’re struggling with overwhelm, stress and ADHD-type signs and symptoms.


About Sharon Collon


Sharon is an award winning qualified ADHD coach who specialises in providing support and strategies for people with ADHD (and those that support them).  

Sharon lives in Sydney with her husband and 3 boys, all who have severe ADHD (throw in some tourette's and ODD in there too).  Her home runs at such an intensity - it needs to be filmed for a documentary series.  The daily stress burnt her out and it had a negative impact on Sharon's health.  

At a complete loss of how she was supposed to have a 'Functional Family' she began researching ADHD to try and learn more about ways to work with the ADHD brain and create a more joyful, streamlined home environment.  What followed was a series of spectacular failures, weird experiments and then formal studying ADHD.  Through it all, the Collon family found a way to make their life with ADHD work for them.  Now Sharon helps others do the same.  Whether it be through Adult ADHD Coaching, Parent Mentoring, the low cost membership, the 6 week program or the ADHD families Podcast, she provides a safe place for people with ADHD to learn about their brain and create strategies that work for them.


In today’s episode, Sharon talks to Chris & Filly about:

  • Her own body burnout story - diagnosed with autoimmune psoriasis, Bell’s palsy and chronic fatigue - after the birth of her third son, and trying to raise 3 boys with severe ADHD.
  • The root-cause behind her body burnout - mentally Sharon felt strong, but her body felt constantly unsafe, like it was always battling in a war-zone.
  • How Sharon started working with her childrens’ ADHD brains, rather than trying to “fix” them - which then allowed her to heal and regulate her system.
  • Signs that you or your children may have ADHD.
  • Why having the label “ADHD” is beneficial, and can heal inner child dysfunctional beliefs of being “lazy”, “too much”, “broken”, “irresponsible”.
  • The relationship between ADHD and burnout.
  • Tips to support hyper-focusing, including use of technology and scheduling in time to eat and regulate the nervous system.
  • Sharon shares her free resource - The Predictable Problem Worksheet - which helps to reduce stress and overwhelm. 


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