33. Gastritis, Anxiety, Rosacea & Becoming a Warrior Princess - Sarah’s Story

Chris & Filly are joined by Sarah, one of our beautiful clients who recently went through Chris & Filly Functional Medicine’s “Ending Body Burnout Method”. 


Sarah shares her ending body burnout story, and how she overcame chronic Gastritis flareups, anxiety, fatigue, food sensitivities, rosacea, hair loss & difficulty putting on weight. 


These real-life stories are super special. We are lovers of words and the power of stories to heal and to create a transformation. And the research is clear: telling your own story and listening to other people share their story has mental AND physical healing benefits. Stories also metabolise trauma - which is what a lot of people struggling with chronic body burnout and “mystery” symptoms experience on a day to day basis. 


So we are incredibly grateful to the Warrior Princess Sarah, for coming on the show today, to spread the love and healing with others, as she shares her own ending body burnout journey. 


In this episode, Sarah chats to Chris & Filly about:


  • How she had an anxious, worried disposition as a kid, as well as sensory issues around food, underweight & sickly, and how health issues started accumulating, as she grew into an adult. 
  • Sarah talks about things she tried to address her body burnout symptoms - naturopaths, acupuncture, supplements, elimination diet. All of these things helped, but didn’t get to the ROOT of why symptoms continued to flare up. 
  • Sarah took the courageous step to join our Ending Body Burnout Method (despite her apprehension), after she discovered an overwhelming amount of imbalances in her body - despite living a “healthy” life - stage 2 adrenal fatigue, mitochondria issues, low adrenaline, dopamine & serotonin, pathogen overgrowth, depleted microbiome and detox issues. 
  • We dive into the way Sarah identified & overcame her deepest ROOT-root-cause of body burnout, which stemmed from a hidden unconscious belief about being helpless, which was ramping up anxiety, perfectionism, over-doing and body system imbalances.
  • Sarah shares what her body & life looks like now, after solving her body burnout: flow in her life, self-love & belief, and NO symptom flare-ups. 

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