17. Live “Spark” Coaching - Crohn’s Disease, Overcoming Other’s Judgements & Self-Acceptance

We have a very special episode for you today! Chris coaches a brave soul - Siena - live on our podcast. They dig into dealing with Crohn’s disease and flare ups with stress, and how to overcome the judgements and expectations of others, and find a deep love and acceptance of self (...that the body is craving!).  


It’s a rare honour to listen in on a very personal coaching session, so a big thank you to Siena for allowing us to publish this beautiful episode. And also give Siena some virtual/energetic love and compassion, as you listen to this intimate conversation. You might even find yourself resonating with the struggles, beliefs and insights that come out of this conversation. 


About “Spark” 


“Spark” is a unique process in our Ending Body Burnout Method, and a CRITICAL piece that is often missed in the health industry. “Spark” gets to the very root of body burnout, by identifying deep-seated beliefs and stories that are causing sickness, and keeping you stuck from healing. Essentially, the process dives deep into your brain, your nervous system and your subconscious state, and rewires your healing abilities from within. You can find out more about this here.


For some courageous listeners who want to try “Spark” on, we have opened up space for some more LIVE “Spark” Coaching sessions, where you can jump onto the podcast (anonymously) and get a free coaching session to help you tap into your inner healing potential. We NEVER offer these sessions ad-hoc - you can only access these in our Ending Body Burnout Method, so it’s a unique opportunity to try coaching on and see how it feels for you. Plus you’ll be gifting all of our listeners the privilege to listen-in, as you peel back the root-cause layers of your body burnout.


This “Spark” session would suit any of these situations:


  • You’re stuck in a pattern of busy-ness, addictive-doing, perfectionism, people-pleasing, which is high-jacking your health/healing
  • You’re doing “all the things” but nothing is budging your health symptoms
  • You struggle to “do the things” that will lead to better health
  • You’re great at starting health protocols, but lose steam after a few weeks/months
  • You’ve tried so hard for so long to get on top of your body burnout, and now you’re losing hope
  • You’re constantly feeling worried, anxious, fight-flighty, about your life and/or your health (including anxious about doing the “right thing” for your health)


If you’re keen to try on a “Spark” coaching session for the podcast, head here to fill in this application form.


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