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Ending Body Burnout Method

Helping busy people with energy, mood & gut issues end their body burnout...for good!

Join Chris & Filly's award-winning holistic "ROOT" root-cause healing program for effective and long-lasting results

I'm ready to end my body burnout!




Life's too short to have body burnout...

While busy-ness, addictive-doing, perfectionism & people pleasing might be the “norm” (and even a badge of honour) - it’s NOT “normal”. And it’s a major contributor to health issues. Without the right tools or capacity, body burnout can quickly follow. We've identified three predominant symptoms that “busy” people experience: fatigue issues, gut issues and mood issues.

What is the cost of staying the same?

Say yes to ending your body burnout! 

Stop living your life sub-par, and let's get to the “ROOT" root-cause of your health issues.

Experience better health and an energised body, clear of annoying burnout symptoms like fatigue, mood imbalances and gut issues.

Become focussed, purpose-driven, and buoyed with the mental clarity required to do all you want to do in your career/business and in life!

And become beautifully connected, prioritising nurturing YOU, and showing up as more present & loving in your important relationships.

I'm ready to end my body burnout!


Body burnout doesn't get to control your story anymore!



Here's our solution to get you the results you want


The first step in our Ending Body Burnout Method is Answers. You’ve done your lab tests and confirmed imbalances with your Connect The Dots & Lab Review Initial Consults. We now know what body systems are out-of-whack and causing your symptoms. Now it’s time to get to the ROOT - what caused the body systems to burn-out in the first place? 


Enter Spark - our second step in the Ending Body Burnout Method. While food, lifestyle, toxins, pathogens, stress, to-do’s, work, parenting, etc, are all root causes of body burnout - these are what we call “surface-level” root causes. The deeper root causes go further into the patterns, stories and beliefs that are wired in your brain, nervous system and subconscious state, which made you susceptible to body burnout in the first place. Spark dives into rewiring your system so that you can heal. It's the missing piece in healthcare, and why so many people get stuck practitioner or diet hopping, only getting short-term results!


Now that you have sparked your inner healer within,  it’s time to Shine. Shine is our third step in the Ending Body Burnout Method, which addresses other surface-level root causes. Your eating, movement, sleep and lifestyle habits, and toxins in your environment. 

Our healing principles

Address the deepest “ROOT” root-cause of body burnout - the brain, the nervous system & the subconscious - where issues began in the first place.

Stop wasting time and energy on Doctor Google. We create lab-based treatment protocols with supplements, food & lifestyle, reviewed regularly for efficient healing.

Set up a healthy, happy and toxin-free environment, to heal your body & mind, improve relationships and  make your ending body burnout journey a success.

How it Works

Monthly Consults

Monthly 1:1 Treatment Reviews to assess symptomatic improvements and adjust your supplement & therapeutic protocol.

Weekly Coaching

Weekly coaching (1:1 or group), to address root causes, and to keep you motivated, accountable and on track.  


Access to our online Spark program & Shine portal, to help you deeply understand and address body, mind & environment root causes.

End your body burnout - for good!

What the body created, the body can heal.

95% of what you need to heal is already within you.

Take back your power and become your own self-healer.


Who the Ending Body Burnout Method is for:

  • You’re struggling with common body burnout symptoms - energy, mood & gut issues
  • You’re stuck in a pattern of busy-ness, addictive-doing, perfectionism, people-pleasing, which is high-jacking your health/healing
  • You’re doing “all the things” but nothing is budging your health symptoms
  • Or…you struggle to “do the things” that will lead to better health
  • You’ve tried so hard for so long to get on top of your body burnout, and now you’re losing hope
  • You’re constantly feeling worried, anxious, fight-flighty, about your life and/or your health (including anxious about doing the “right thing” for your health - or guilt/shame that you “can’t” do the things)


Who the Ending Body Burnout Method is NOT for:

  • Just want a “quick fix”
  • Not interested in long-term health - you just want a bit of “relief”, but don’t really care if it doesn’t last
  • You’re not open to changing
  • Think you already have “all the answers”, and not willing to learn or try a new way



Why we created the Ending Body Burnout Method

The Ending Body Burnout Method was born out of Chris & Filly’s combined 2+ decades of personal and professional experience in the health industry, and from serving 2,000+ busy, burned-out clients. They have cracked the code for effective healing - that lasts! The magic is in treating the body as a holistic being - body, mind, spirit and your response to the environment.

Filly worked this out the hard way. When Filly’s health broke down after having kids and juggling all the things, she initially healed her body using standard functional medicine - lab tests, supplements, food as medicine and lifestyle modifications. And while this approach worked great at reducing anxiety, heartburn, low-immunity, chronic body pain, chemical sensitivities and hormonal imbalances - it didn’t last. And, if she was really honest, she had to live in a “strictly healthy” way in order to maintain improvements. A few years later, when the 2020 COVID pandemic hit, many of Filly’s symptoms resurfaced with a vengeance - anxiety, heartburn, histamine intolerance, and this time bouts of insomnia. This time, no amount of lab tests, supplements, or restrictive healing diets helped to get on top of the flare up. During the pandemic, she started seeing old clients come back into her practice with the same issues - health symptoms flaring back up, and not budging with the body-based protocols that worked last time.

Filly knew the deepest root-cause hadn’t been addressed in her own health - or that of some of her clients - which came back to deep-seated dysfunctional beliefs, stories and programs hidden in the subconscious state, that were causing a hyper-vigilant stress response, dysregulating the nervous system, and breaking down body systems. Taking a bucket-load of supps might’ve helped the first time, but you can’t out-supp or out-diet the deepest root-cause. And so Filly went deep into healing her subconscious state and nervous system, which finally resolved her health issues. Now, her and Chris (a trained NLP practitioner and body-mind coach), take people through their holistic “ROOT” root-cause approach, a rare process in the health industry - even in natural therapies and functional medicine. 

You cannot separate the body and the mind. They are one and whole. Body burnout symptoms are simply messages from the subconscious state - designed to protect you from your deeper core wounds, and to grab your attention to address the core issue. 






  • 1:1 Treatment Plan Reviews
  • Lab-Based Supplement Protocols
  • Body system treatment only; does NOT include root cause healing
  • Expect monthly consults initially



Most common option

  • Monthly - 1:1 Treatment Plan Reviews
  • Lab-Based Supplement Protocols
  • Weekly - Root Cause Group Calls
  • Daily On Call Support
  • Ending Body Burnout Online Portal 


  • 10% OFF Supps
  • 10% OFF Re-testing 
  • Free Postage Over $150
  • Free Access To Additional Workshops & Events 



  • Monthly - 1:1 Treatment Plan Reviews
  • Lab-Based Supplement Protocols
  • Weekly - Root Cause 1:1 Coaching 
  • Weekly - Root Cause Group Calls (optional) 
  • Daily On Call Support
  • Ending Body Burnout Online Portal


  • 10% OFF Supps
  • 10% OFF Re-testing
  • Free Postage Over $150
  • Free Access To Additional Workshops  Events

Option Comparison

Ending Body Burnout Method

Our Ending Body Burnout Method takes the guesswork out for you and makes things as easy and seamless as possible! 

We have two options to embark on the Ending Body Burnout Method - a hybrid 1:1/Group option and an exclusive 1:1 option. This method won't only resolve your burnout symptoms now, but it will set you up for longterm health as you heal your deepest root-causes.

Say good-bye to doctor/practitioner/diet/DIY course hopping!

Checkin Consults Only

If you're just after some symptomatic relief using lab-based supplement & diet protocols, we have a checkin consult option also. This is kind of like visiting the GP for a review and a script - but using natural medicines. While it can help reduce/resolve symptoms, our experience shows that if root causes are not addressed, symptoms (old or new) often pop back again...which can get frustrating, expensive and soul destroying.

If you're after longterm resolution, opt for the Ending Body Burnout Method.


At Chris & Filly Functional Medicine we understand what it's like to feel frustrated & stuck with your health issues. 

That’s why we created the Ending Body Burnout Method. So you can get to the root cause quickly, and have the support you need to successfully achieve symptomatic resolution and flow in your life.

More energy. More productivity. More connection.


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