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Ending Body Burnout Method

Helping high-achieving parents with energy, mood & gut issues end their body burnout...for good!

Join Chris & Filly's award-winning holistic healing membership for more effective and long-lasting results. 

I'm ready to end my body burnout!




Life's too short to have body burnout...

We get it - working and parenting is hard. Without the right tools or capacity, body burnout can quickly follow. We've identified three predominant symptoms that high-achieving parents experience: fatigue issues, gut issues and mood issues.

What is the cost of staying the same?

Say yes to ending your body burnout! 

Stop living your life sub-par, and let's get to the root cause of your health issues.

Experience better health and an energised body, clear of annoying burnout symptoms like fatigue, mood imbalances and gut issues.

Become focussed, purpose-driven, and buoyed with the mental clarity required to do all you want to do in your career/business and in life!

And become beautifully connected, prioritising nurturing YOU, and showing up as a more present, loving parent, partner and human being in general. 

I'm ready to end my body burnout!

Here's our solution to get you the results you want


Ditch the guess-work. We quickly diagnose what body systems are imbalanced with no-fuss functional lab testing.


Stop wasting time and energy on Doctor Google. We create lab-based treatment plans, reviewed regularly for efficient healing.


Quit trying to make healing changes on your own. We make implementing the 'hard things' easier with regular coaching and community.

Our healing principles

Heal your burned-out body with restorative nutrition, sleep and movement - personalised for what your body needs to heal and thrive.

Create a mind that is organised, calm & motivated, so that you can do all the things you need to do to heal and maintain improvements longterm.

Set up a healthy, happy and toxin-free environment, to heal your body systems, improve relationships and  make your ending body burnout journey a success.

How it Works

Monthly Consults

Monthly 1:1 functional medicine consults to review symptomatic improvements and adjust your supplement & lifestyle protocol.

Weekly Coaching

Weekly coaching (1:1 or group), to help you heal body, mind & environment root causes, and to keep you motivated and on track.  


Access to our online eLearning portal, to help you deeply understand and implement body, mind & environment root causes.

Long-lasting symptomatic resolution.

Making your healing journey easier & more effective...

...with guidance, encouragement, support, accountability & motivation.



  • Works for super self-motivated people & non-complicated conditions
  • PAYG per 1:1 Functional Medicine Consult ($75/15min - $150/60min) - expect longer monthly consults initially
  • DIY Courses to fix root causes



Most common option

  • Monthly - 1:1 Functional Medicine consults
  • Weekly - Group Coaching Calls to fix root causes
  • Free access to special webclasses, workshops & guest expert events, etc
  • Online eLearning portal


  • 10% discount supplements & testing
  • Free postage for orders over $100
  • Quick call / email check-ins in between consults



  • Allows space to dive deep into very personal and deep-seated root causes
  • Monthly - 1:1 Functional Medicine Consults
  • Weekly - 1:1 Coaching Calls to fix root causes
  • Free access to weekly group Coaching Calls & tap into the community
  • Free access to special webclasses, workshops & guest expert events, etc
  • Online eLearning portal


  • 10% discount supplements & testing
  • Free postage for orders over $100
  • Quick call / email check-ins in between consults

Option Comparison

We have a plan that takes the guesswork out for you and makes things as easy and seamless as possible! 

Here's a visual breakdown of the differences in our options.


At Chris & Filly Functional Medicine we understand what it's like to feel frustrated & stuck with your health issues. 

That’s why we created the Ending Body Burnout Method. So you can get to the root cause quickly, and have the support you need to successfully achieve symptomatic resolution and flow in your life.

More energy. More productivity. More connection.


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