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Jul 22, 2020

Last blog post, we spoke about the benefits of our Rise Up Protocol, which accelerates you to the root cause of your health issues in 45 days, and sets you up with the foundational things you need in order to heal.

Today we wanted to shed more light on what follows after Rise Up: our Immersion Protocol. At Chris & Filly, our mission is to find you ANSWERS & give you SOLUTIONS to your health issues. Health can seem complicated, but we believe that the body falls apart in only so many ways. In the initial 6-weeks of working with us, we dig deep into the things that are causing you to feel sick.

The Immersion Protocol is all about diving deep into the healing process, so that you can finally achieve real, long-lasting results. This deep healing will require more time, usually anywhere from 6-12-months. Depending on lab results, this may involve healing your neuroendocrine system, gastrointestinal system and/or your liver detoxification system. We go deeper into treating your mind & soul, and ensure new lifestyle habits stick.


Why did we create the Immersion Protocol?

In the past, Chris and I have worked with over a thousand people in our respective therapies. Because of this, we have a fairly good idea of the main things that can stop people progressing with their health goals. We wanted to create a system that would help people stay on track to enable true, deep healing.


Problem #1 - Confused 

Many people start a therapeutic program - but only a small proportion of people actually complete a program and reach optimal health. Why?

One of the biggest reasons people give up too early is that they get CONFUSED about all the things they need to do or juggle or be to reach the end goal. They become so overwhelmed with what they have to do, that it all becomes too hard and they throw in the towel too early. Sometimes people get confused about why they aren't feeling better as quick as they would've hoped, and they give up as they think it's not worth it.

We have created our Immersion Protocol to help you stay CLEAR on what you need to do, and what you should expect, every step of the way.  We help you to organise yourself in a very systematised way, so you can work bit by bit on the things you need to do in order to heal. We also have a clear understanding of why you might not respond to a particular therapeutic program when trying to heal the body systems, and where to take you next in order to get you feeling better.


Problem #2 - Distracted

Often people fall off track because they get DISTRACTED. Either they get distracted by 'unhealthy' things that will put a halt to their healing (i.e. alcohol, late nights, overworking). Or they get impatient that symptoms aren't disappearing quickly enough, and they start looking for the next 'shiny thing' that will solve all their health issues. In the latter case, they start jumping from one practitioner to the next, or one cookie-cutter online program or supplement protocol to the next, never really following through to do the deep underlying work that will heal the body and the mind.

Our Immersion Protocol is designed to break through distractions, by  providing you with the support to stay FOCUSSED on the process and the end goal. Sometimes you do need to heal all body systems - the neuroendocrine, the gut, the liver - in order to reach optimal health, and this WILL take time. We provide you with a clear plan, and guide you through the maze of health, so that you can stay focused on what you need to do in order to heal. We also provide plenty of accountability and support, so that you can really implement the lifestyle aspects that will enable you to heal, and really transform your mindset so that changes are longterm.


Problem #3 - Delay 

Problem number three: DELAY. Many people have great intentions to feel better and to do all they need to do to get better, yet they keep delaying or putting off doing the things they need to do. It's crazy how many clients I saw in the past who got lab test results back, and I started them on a protocol. They seemed keen as mustard to get into everything, and super excited to see changes. However a month or two later, they hadn't even started making any changes or even taken any of the nutraceutical support. 

There are plenty of reasons why people delay treatment. They don't have enough time. They don't have enough money. They have to look after another family member. They find it too hard. Really all these reasons are excuses. The delay comes down to the fact that they don't have a big enough WHY that will propel them forwards to do whatever it takes to reach their end goal. The power of our Immersion Protocol is that we keep our clients moving forward with momentum to reach the end goal by helping them to stay focussed to their why. 


Problem #4 - Blocked

Finally, one of the other main reasons why people give up too soon is because of mental blocks. By blocks, we mean limiting beliefs - beliefs that stop you from achieving your goals. For instance, you may believe:

"I could never achieve that."

"I've always been anxious. It will never change."

"I could never give up sugar."

"I can't afford that."

"My mum said I was a failure as a kid. I'll always fail."

"I don't have enough time."

These blocks may be there due to your upbringing, the way your parents spoke to you when you were young, your culture, past experiences. You could even have emotional trauma in the past that is blocking your ability to do the things you need to do in order to heal - or even blocking your ability to physiologically heal.

During our Immersion Protocol we continue to work on your mindset and your limiting beliefs, so that you develop a new-found ability to do what you you want to do, and be who you want to be. We help you to deeply connect with yourself, so that you value yourself enough to invest your time, money and energy into your healing. 


What our Immersion Protocol looks like?

We believe that each human being is uniquely different, so we customise our Immersion Protocol to what you need in order to heal and maintain improvements. This may be a combination of healing & coaching (which is what most of our clients need), or we may focus more on only one side - healing or coaching. We design this based on lab testing results, psychological analysis and how you're progressing after our Rise Up Protocol.

During the Immersion Protocol, we also tap into other elements of healing beyond the Rise Up Protocol, such as looking deeper into your emotional and spiritual health, your relationship with food, detoxing your environment (and your life!), healing your relationships, creating a healthy money mindset, living a creative life, and aligning your purpose with your passions. Because the body, mind & spirit all interact and effect each other, achieving optimal health is never a 1-dimensional physical thing. At Chris & Filly Functional Medicine we take a holistic approach to heal your whole self. 


Author: Filipa Bellette, Functional Medicine Practitioner & Clinical Nutritionist

Chris & Filly Functional Medicine

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