Rise Up

Jul 18, 2020

Many people come to us feeling at the end of their tether. Their overwhelm and body inflammation is so consuming, that they barely feel like they are surviving.

"I can't see how I can keep living like this."

"I feel like I'm stuck, with no way out."

"I'm just a shadow of what I used to be."

It's heartbreaking, but we've heard clients say these exact words when they first come to work with us. For some people, it's even difficult to imagine that life could be any different.

But guess what?

Life can be different! And with the right support and up-levelling your capacity, things can become clear to you very quickly.

This is where our Rise Up Protocol comes into play. Utilising the four pillars of our Functional Medicine Signature System - testing, mindset coaching, lifestyle coaching and nutraceuticals - we help you to RISE UP and start SURVIVING in as little as 45 days.

Our Rise Up Protocol is designed to accelerate you to the root cause of your health issues. This protocol is all about giving you ANSWERS and is specifically for those who are feeling stressed-out, worn-out and overwhelmed. We use testing - both functional medicine lab testing, questionnaires, psychological analysis and lifestyle digging - to detect what (inside your body, mind & in your life) is making you sick. Over the course of the initial 6-weeks we give you support and guidance, to start reversing the root causes and begin deep-healing. Depending on what is going on for you, this may involve a mix of functional medicine treatment plans and nutraceuticals to reboot physiological imbalances, lifestyle and nutritional coaching, and neurolinguistic-programming to heal the mind and the spirit. 

To get you to safety, we throw you a metaphorical lifesaver to lift you up so that you can start doing the fundamental things you need to do to start surviving - and eventually to thrive. If you're not doing any of the below six elements, then you'll never reach optimal health. 

Get Clear

Over the course of the initial 6-weeks of working with us we help you to get crystal clear on what is causing your health issues, and also the obstacles that could prevent you from healing. Our mission is to find you ANSWERS. We believe that the body can fall apart in only so many ways, and it is our job to become your personal detectives, to help you get to the root cause of your issues. This will involve testing the three body systems to pinpoint physiological imbalances.

We also help you get crystal clear on where you're at now, where you want to be, and what it's going to take to get you there. Part of this is to do the inner work and finding your soul WHY - why you're embarking on this health journey in the first place? Many people don't really even know why. They think it's because they don't want to feel 'this symptom' or 'that symptom.' This is a flaky why, and when the going gets tough, you'll likely give up on your health goals, or jump from one practitioner or doctor to another, trying to find a quick fix. Our mission is also to give you SOLUTIONS - and by this, we mean LONG-LASTING solutions. THIS is why we put so much emphasis on getting clear and all that that means. We want you to succeed - long-term!

“Before starting Chris & Filly’s Rise Up Protocol, I was struggling to find myself in amongst the competing needs of my children, husband and work. I was struggling big time with my diet and my health. I felt like I was stuck without the tools or motivation for change. The Rise Up Protocol is so different to anything I have ever experienced. It really forced me to focus on myself and how different tools can assist me in changing my overall lifestyle. Doing the mindset work, especially working out my ‘why’, has given me a whole new focus” - Anon. 

Game Plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Ain't that right Antoine! So many people 'want' to feel better, but they rarely see improvements because they don't have a clear plan in place to move them through the maze which can be health recovery. Ever gone on Dr Google and become so overwhelmed by all the potential conditions you may have? Maybe you've tried to get better on your own - trying this supplement or that one, or that diet or this one. Randomly grasping at anything that could make you feel better. Maybe you have seen doctors or therapists, but have felt frustrated because there hasn't been any proper follow-up or clear plan of action. 

We are GAME PLAN fanatics! We want to help you feel at complete ease, knowing that if you put your health in our hands, together we will help you navigate your way to optimal health.  

Creating a Game Plan moves from ‘Being’ to ‘Doing’. We help you get really clear on your priorities, your schedule and any road-blocks that may pop up now or in the future. We help you create an action plan to get you from where you’re at now, to where you want to be. We use your functional medicine testing results as a basis for this, to help create the best, individualised healing plan for you so that we can fast-track your recovery. And we also have foresight in mind - if something's not working the way we would expect, we have a plan of where to take you next as we continue digging for answers and the best solution for you.

What a relief to finally be able to put your seemingly complicated issues into someone else's capable hands! This is what we live and breathe guys. This is why we wake up in the morning! 


During the initial 6-weeks, we start working on your eating - what you eat, the way you eat, how you think about food, and your relationship with food.  We help you to uncover if the food that you’re eating is at the root cause of your health issues. And if the food (even ‘healthy’ food) that you're eating is exacerbating your symptoms or preventing healing. We also guide you towards the best healing nutrition plan for you, so that you can use (real!) food as medicine to help assist in the healing process. This is often based on lab testing and other clinical testing that we do. We also help you to organise your time and energy, so that you can stay on track with your healing nutrition plan. And we start the deeper emotional work, so that we can help you to learn to love your food and the way it makes you feel.


Arrrghh! Stressss! Stress is one of the major factors (if not THE major factor) that causes dis-ease in the first place. Tell me this - did your health issues flare up after a period of stress? Maybe it was after a period of overworking. Maybe it was after having babies - pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding, sleepless nights. Maybe a loved one passed away. Or your body started breaking down after trauma.

In our Rise Up Protocol, we help you to really understand what stress does to the body, and all the different sources of stress. We work with you to uncover if stress is causing your health issues (current or past stressors) and what to do about it. During our lab testing, we also discover if you have some serious functional imbalances in your body that are causing anxiety, overwhelm or an abnormal stress response, and we start to reverse these imbalances. We also work with you through some of our favourite stress management techniques, to help reduce your stress levels, and get your body and mind functioning better. Yes please!


Holy moly! Do you have any idea how important sleep is? Sleep is absolutely critical to human health, and to your ability to heal. In fact, it is when we SLEEP that we HEAL! We help you to detect if your habits (even slight, subtle ones) are effecting the quality of your sleep. Utilising your lab testing, we also discover if imbalances in your body are affecting your sleep. We help you to dig deep into the things you can to do reset your sleep-wake cycle, so you can optimise sleep and your ability to heal.


Movement is absolutely essential to health. And we're not just talking about exercise here. We're also talking about digestive movement, lymphatic movement, energetic movement, change and how you move from one stage of your life to another.

We help you to discover if too much movement/exercise is breaking down your body and contributing to your health issues, and how you can recover from physical burnout. We also  prescribe you with specific movement exercises or techniques, which can help to heal your 3-Body Systems - your hormones & brain, your gut, and your detoxification system - as highlighted by your lab test results.

Our Rise Up Protocol accelerates you to the root cause of your health issues, and sets you up for successful healing longterm. We work closely with you 1:1 in the initial 6-weeks, to help you establish a healthy mindset & lifestyle, which will enable you to do the work you need to do - AND stay on track long-term - while we work on your health issues. No more jumping from one thing to another - let's stick to a plan, and see the results happen! Once you have the foundations built, we then work with you to deep-dive into the healing process with our Immersion Protocol (stay tuned for our next blog post!). 


Author: Filipa Bellette, Functional Medicine Practitioner & Clinical Nutritionist

Chris & Filly Functional Medicine

If you would like more information about our functional medicine Rise Up Protocol and to see if this is something that could help you, click this link to Apply For Free Discovery Call.

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