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8 Reasons Why You Procrastinate Doing Your Lab Tests

Oct 31, 2022

Hey peeps! Chris wrote a very handy article about PROCRASTINATION awhile back, specifically around getting your lab test samples complete. This article is actually in our ANSWERS online portal, available to clients when they first book in for a “Connect The Dots” Initial Consult, but I wanted to share it with you all, as I feel like there are some really good tips when it comes to getting ANYTHING in your life done, really. And, if you’re a new client putting off getting your lab tests done - this is also a good reminder and helpful push in the right direction to Get. Your. lab. Tests. Done ;)

Over to you Chris…


8 Reasons Why You Procrastinate Doing Your Lab Tests

Unless otherwise advised, you should get your lab test sample collected and submitted within 1-10 days...if're probably procrastinating!

Most people procrastinate because of the following reasons:

  1. Unsure how to do the tests
  2. Unsure WHY you should do the tests
  3. Too busy doing things and stuff
  4. Find the process overwhelming
  5. Disorganised
  6. Waiting to see if you get better or not
  7. Can't go a few days without eating/drinking the things we tell you not to!
  8. Really just don't care enough ;) 

Maybe you might forget too...but that's probably because one or more of the other things happened first. 

How about this question...answer it honestly...

Would you like some help? :) 

Well...we're assuming you need it, and we're assuming you either don't want help or for some other reason AREN'T ASKING FOR IT :)'s some help no matter what!

  1. Not sure how to do the tests?

[This one’s for clients who have access to our ANSWERS online portal]. Check out our detailed instructions for each common test by clicking on the "lab test instructions" in the ANSWERS PORTAL sidebar to the left of the screen. Watch the the stuff. Still not sure? Contact us and our team will walk you through it or answer your questions. 

  1. Unsure WHY you should do the tests

There's a difference between "oh, I should do those tests" and "Gosh, I HAVE to do this test!" When you really want something, you'll do it. Sometimes people like the 'idea' of something...or forget 'why they are doing it in the first place' might need a bit of YOU TIME to remind yourself why this is important to you, and the cost of NOT DOING IT! :) 

  1. Too busy doing things and stuff

Let's face it, if you can't do tests because 'you're too busy''re probably in need of a good slap to the side of the calendar! Could the real reason you're burned out be because you over prioritise other people and non-important things and stuff ;)  

  1. Find the process overwhelming

Most people get overwhelmed because you are trying to do it all...or because you don't have the mental capacity, time, support or some other resource, skill or support. Top tip? Respond to this statement...just do it.

If you respond with..."but..." or "I can't because..." take note of that 'thing'...and just notice that those 'excuses' or 'reasons' are the big obstacles you'll need to overcome if you want to really enjoy a healing success.

  1. Disorganised

Top tip - make a list of all the things that you either need to do or things that are otherwise on your mind at the moment. No rules, no boundaries, no "oh but's"...dump everything out of your brain onto paper - and it MUST BE PAPER! There is something about writing things down on paper that is more effective than typing it on a device.  

Once you've done your 'dump' prioritise things in order and start getting stuff done! :) 

  1. Waiting to see if you get better or not

I broke my wrist once...I waited 3 months for it to get better...which it didn't...instead, the floating bit of bone calcified and things got bad. If I had done my testing when I was told to (my test was an X-ray), I would have known I had a floating bone fragment, and a fracture in my wrist, and then I could have done the simple rehabilitation to get better.  

But I didn't. 

Don't be like Chris :) hehe

  1. Can't go a few days without eating/drinking the things you need to avoid before doing the test

Hmmm, this is a real issue. You might need to look into why you are eating emotionally. There's probably a biochemical reason for this, and we can help you with that. But before we do/ gotta get your tests done!  

Either throw out or donate the food/drink you can't eat. If you don't want to waste it, come up with another solution that gets it out of your house, eyesight and mind. 

You can do it! 

If you can't, you can book in with Chris for a BREAKTHROUGH SESSION around this

  1. Really just don't care enough ;)

If you want it, you'll do it. You know that's true. So no more's time to get it done. Do you want it or not? When you connect with the consequences of NOT doing your testing and NOT getting to the root cause, you'll usually stare at an incredible piece of motivation right in your face. 

So...what is the cost of NOT getting to the root cause of your energy, mood or gut issues? 

How do you see this playing out if nothing changes?

Do you need some help? Because, we are here for you! Sometimes you might need a little bit more TLC and hand-holding (or bottom kicking hehe) to help you get things done. 

If you feel like you have some inner work to do, and that THAT is the real reason you aren't getting your testing done, can I make an offer to you? 

Filly is one of the BEST Functional Medicine Practitioners in joke! My expertise is helping people get things done and breaking through obstacles that stand in your way. Together, Filly and I are here with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY :) 

If you want some help with procrastination (whether that’s getting your lab tests done, or implementing the healing things) let's book you in for a BREAKTHROUGH SESSION where we can get clear on where you are now and all the obstacles standing in your way of testing and doing the things that make you healthy :) 

Click here to book in now.


Chris Bellette is Co-Owner of Chris & Filly Functional Medicine. He is a Life Coach & Master of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. He specialises in helping high-performance parents in leadership & business to prevent and recover from burnout, injury, pain & mental health. 

Chris has had his own fair share of burnout. After 20 years of hustling in the health & fitness industry (founding PT businesses & gyms), as well as achieving national-level sportsmanship in several sports, his body & mind got to a point of burning out. Retiring from elite level sport & pivoting into life coaching, Chris knows how it feels to be burned-out, juggling family & business (and one’s own sanity!) AND, more importantly...he knows how to fix it!

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