Get to the root cause of your health issues in 45 days.


Our Rise Up Protocol is designed to accelerate you to the root cause of your health issues in 45 days. This protocol is all about giving you ANSWERS and is specifically for those who are feeling stressed-out, worn-out and overwhelmed. We use functional medicine lab testing, nutraceuticals, mindset & lifestyle coaching to detect what (inside your body, mind & in your life) is making you sick.

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Get clear on what is happening inside your body and how your lifestyle contributes.


Overcome overwhelm with new mindset, skills, tools and support.



Eliminate the chaos and take back control of your lifestyle.



Approach your life with unbridled confidence and ease uncertainty. 


What Our Clients Say

“Before starting Chris & Filly’s Rise Up Protocol, I was struggling to find myself in amongst the competing needs of my children, husband and work. I was struggling big time with my diet and my health. I felt like I was stuck without the tools or motivation for change. The Rise Up Protocol is so different to anything I have ever experienced. It really forced me to focus on myself and how different tools can assist me in changing my overall lifestyle. Doing the mindset work, especially working out my ‘why’, has given be a whole new focus”

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"The Rise Up Protocol has helped me make significant changes to my lifestyle and health. I honestly can't believe the shift I feel in my thinking and am so proud of the changes I've made because of doing this program. Chris and Filly have created a system that challenges your habits, beliefs and mindset in a caring, holistic way. The Rise Up Protocol is not simply about losing weight or exercise, it gives you a huge amount of useful information and insight into what is holding you back from true health in every aspect of your life. The information provided is completely eye-opening but the advice is simple enough to follow and completely achievable if you're prepared to make even a few small changes just to get yourself going in the right direction again. The reasonably short length of the program and the way content is regularly delivered, forces you to keep moving ahead and will help to motivate even the biggest procrastinators! Through comprehensive testing, Filly helped to identify some serious deficiencies that were affecting my health more than I even realised and has set me on a path towards real healing. Chris is the absolute BEST motivator and coaches you through everything with sensitivity and kindness. Their guidance has helped me get control of my overwhelm, monitor my anxiety, focus on better sleep and nutrition and start to cut out the things that no longer serve me. I am happier and healthier than I have been in 2 years and do not regret even one second of doing this program! There's still some work to be done but Chris and Filly have given me the courage and confidence to move ahead - happily!" 



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In the next 45 days you'll get clear on the root cause of your health issues, you'll find a level of calm that you never thought possible, and take back control of your life with confidence!

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