47. Alcohol, Burnout & Regulating Nervous System with Emma Gilmour

Chris & Filly are joined with the super vibrant Emma Gilmour, Alcohol Coach. This was a FASCINATING conversation all about the connection between burnout and squashing emotions and nervous system dysregulation issues down with alcohol. Do NOT expect “quick fix” strategies to force yourself to give up alcohol. Rather we go real deep into unconscious core beliefs, trauma patterns & cultural expectations which lead to struggles with alcohol.


About Emma Gilmour:


Emma Gilmour is a registered counsellor, psychotherapist, Senior This Naked Mind and Master Gray Area Drinking certified alcohol coach, living in Melbourne, Australia. Emma worked for 20+ years in corporate marketing and ran every morning before work. A working mum fuelled by adrenalin, coffee and booze, she looked like she had it all. But on the inside, she was running on empty. As she reached her mid-forties alcohol started to take more than it gave and so begun her long and very messy break-up with alcohol. Emma is an Aussie based peri-menopausal mum of neuro and gender diverse teens. She loves stand up paddle boarding, ocean swimming and has recently purchased some gorgeous hot pink roller-skates. The focus of her coaching work is women in midlife wondering what might open up for them if they took a break from alcohol.

In today’s episode, Emma talks to Chris & Filly about:


  • Her past relationship with alcohol (she was a MASSIVE fan!), how she realised alcohol-use was becoming dysfunctional, and how it masked a deeper underlying burnout & nervous system breakdown
  • Signs that your consumption  of alcohol is becoming a problem
  • Why “will power” to quit alcohol never works - at least not long-term
  • Deeper underlying roots of alcoholism - inner child, trauma, self-limiting beliefs, nervous system dysregulation
  • How to regulate your nervous system and move through your emotions, so you don’t “need” to drink


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