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36. Living an Additive-Free Lifestyle with Joanne Ling & Tracey Fry

Filly is joined with Joanne Ling and Tracey Fry, sisters and founders of Additive Free Lifestyle. I’ve been following these inspiring ladies for years now, so I was super excited to have the chance to chat with them about all things living an additive-free lifestyle! There are so many meaty bits in this convo, and also some really simple action steps you can take to reduce your toxic-load and support the health of your body. 


About Jo & Tracey


Two Sisters on a Mission - We are Jo and Tracey, we are sisters and both mothers, both wives and both (now) into living the healthiest and happiest lifestyles we can.  It wasn't always this way though!

Together we created Sistermixin' which has now grown to become Additive-Free Lifestyle.  We are passionate about changing the way you look at food and toxins in and around your home and spreading the message that these can be toxic to your health.

We're just two down-to-earth mums with a #dontstressit approach that's helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their health and wellness.

It's a very special job and one we never take lightly.


In today’s episode, Jo & Tracey talk to Filly about:


  • Jo shares her journey into ditching the additives in food, after her child was experiencing severe behavioural problems and getting sick all the time with infections.
  • Tracey also shares how she moved slowly into living an additive-free lifestyle, and how she cleaned up her act when diagnosed with the autoimmune thyroid condition, Grave’s disease.
  • We chat about how we can create a #dontstressit mindset when reducing our toxic-load, rather than getting stuck in perfectionism and fear around additives and chemicals.
  • Top additives in food to avoid, and 5 foods that are loaded with nasty additives (a couple are super surprising!).
  • How you can get more easily informed and make simple swaps, using the new Additive-Free Lifestyle App


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