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28. Chronic Back Pain, Skin Issues & Becoming Unstoppable - Jason’s Story

Chris & Filly are joined by Jason, one of our super inspiring clients who recently went through Chris & Filly Functional Medicine’s “Ending Body Burnout Method”. 


Jason shares his ending body burnout story, and how he overcame chronic back pain (due to the autoimmune condition, Ankylosing Spondylitis), skin issues, food sensitivities & becoming unstoppable! 


These real-life stories are super special. We are lovers of words and the power of stories to heal and to create a transformation. And the research is clear: telling your own story and listening to other people share their story has mental AND physical healing benefits. Stories also metabolise trauma - which is what a lot of people struggling with chronic body burnout and “mystery” symptoms experience on a day to day basis. 


So we are incredibly grateful to the AWESOME Jase, for coming on the show today, to spread the love and healing with others, as he shares his own ending body burnout journey. 


In this episode, Jason chats to Chris & Filly about:


  • How his health issues started - back as a kid, skin always felt hot, then grew to skin rashes, fungal sores, and later in life chronic back pain that was diagnosed as the autoimmune condition Ankylosing Spondylitis.
  • Jase talks about ALLLLLL the things he tried to address his body burnout symptoms: physios, osteopaths, naturopaths and supplements, with little results. He then went on a food elimination diet, and finally saw improvements in symptoms, especially taking out legumes and grains.
  • But…a healthy body should be able to eat all healthy things. So, Jase, along with his wife, reached out to Chris & Filly Functional Medicine to get to the root-cause.
  • We go over lab-testing results: stage 2 adrenal fatigue, low adrenaline & serotonin, bacterial overgrowth, super depleted microbiome and detox issues, and the relief that came with getting some ANSWERS.
  • Jase also talks about healing the deeper ROOT-root-causes, that led to body system burnout: social expectations of pushing, doing, achieving, people pleasing, and unconscious core beliefs around self-shame. 
  • Jase takes us to the moment he knew the Ending Body Burnout Method was solving his issues (only a month in!), and how his skin issues are significantly better, and back pain is almost always at 0/10, and the brain retraining tools he has learned and continues to use to turn off pain. 

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