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26. My Histamine/Heartburn Healing Story

Last week’s episode, Chris & Filly spoke to Jaemin Frazer, founder of The Insecurity Project. In today’s episode, Filly reshares her miraculous histamine/heartburn healing experience after working on deep and hidden insecurities and self-limiting beliefs while she was working with Jaemin. She covers:


  • How physical health issues are a result of a broken rapport with self
  • How I initially healed 15 years of chronic heartburn (which had an underlying histamine intolerance component) using lab testing, supplements and food as medicine
  • How the same  symptoms flared up 5 years later during COVID, and this time NOTHING physical healed my symptoms
  • How my deep, hidden unconscious belief of being weak & incapable crept into how I thought about my body - I didn’t trust it was capable of being whole and functional
  • How this belief was the ultimate ROOT-root-cause of chronic histamine and heartburn flare-ups (and NOT the food!)
  • How my histamine and heartburn resolved when I was brave enough to let pimples show up on my face, and not care what others thought of me!!
  • 3-days of energetic rippling light and love that engulfed my gut - that deeply cleansed and healed me
  • Why you MUST address all “bodies” of yourself, when suffering with your body burnout - the physical, mental-emotional, energetic, spiritual and the unconscious bodies. 
  • Current experiences with a histamine “flareup”. 

Show Note Links: 


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