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23. Perfectionism, Adrenal Fatigue, Secretory IgA & Leaky Gut

In today's episode, Chris & Filly dive into a common “pattern”  linked to body burnout - PERFECTIONISM - and how it causes adrenal fatigue & breaks down the gut. They cover:


  • What is “perfectionism” (hint: it’s not about having “high standards” but actually “lack of standards”) 
  • How perfectionism stems from NLP (neurolinguistic programming) meta-programs around self-esteem, goal-striving & stress coping
  • The deepest root-cause of perfectionism - core wound beliefs you have about yourself
  • How perfectionism stresses out your adrenal glands
  • How perfectionism & stress then breaks down the gut, leading to depleted secretory IgA, leaky gut & digestive organ breakdown
  • How to rewire your brain & nervous system from perfectionism patterns & heal your body systems


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