22. Food As Medicine, Smoothies & Stress with Laini Oldfield

Chris & Filly are joined by Laini Oldfield on today’s podcast episode. We ADORE Laini and her infectious passion for all things wholefood and health, and we know you are going to LOVE her too. She is also probably the most knowledgeable person we know when it comes to using FOOD AS MEDICINE, and she is so incredibly generous in sharing everything that she knows. 


About Laini Oldfield


Laini is a mum of 5 and founder of: STACKD Blends Co and The No Fuss Nourished Method. She's coached tens of thousands of people on how to harness the power of nutrition to feel amazing, through her flagship free challenges Wholefood My Family, the Supercharged Smoothie Bootcamp, and the Fibre Challenge. 


She has a particular love for helping parents learn easy ways to get their kids eating healthier, without them even knowing, through her monthly coaching membership. Unconventional smoothies are Laini's obsession, and she's developed her own range of Smoothie Booster Blends designed to target specific health goals and provide a complete and balanced meal with maximum nutrition, as well as lots of other wholefoods blends to make life easier. 


When she's not with her own family or coaching other families, you'll probably find her at the beach.

In today’s episode, Laini talks to Chris & Filly about:


  • How she got into the world of wholefoods after having kids, and building an incredible community of wholefood seekers.
  • Laini gets personal and vulnerable, by sharing her own body burnout story - after years of burning the candle at both ends, over-doing, and getting stuck in business, Laini’s “brain broke”! And her body overtime sent her clear signals that enough is enough: bloating, chronic pain, fatigue, weight gain, irritability, bouts of irrational anger, the list goes on. 
  • Laini takes us through how she is currently addressing her body burnout - working on body system imbalances, food as medicine, and finally addressing her “stress-load” & putting herself first (aka Laini First Project!)
  • We dive into her passion for food as medicine and why Stackd Blends Co was born. She shares incredible stories of customers using her Smoothie and other wholefood blends, see hormonal improvements, mood, energy & gut improvements - using JUST FOOD!  
  • Laini talks about her flagship free challenge kicking off 28th Aug, the Supercharged Smoothie BootCamp & why all our listeners should get in on this incredible FREE training (you can join here!). 
  • We finish off with some great EASY tips on how people currently struggling with body burnout, can begin their journey into healthy, healing eating.


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