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18. The Power of Breath with Monique Catteral

Filly is joined by Monique Catteral on today’s podcast episode. Mon has an incredible story of overcoming severe body burnout, and how her recovery led her into the world of holistic healing, regulating the nervous system and breathwork. It was such a beautiful conversation, and I know you’ll be serenaded by Mon’s calmness :)


About Monique Catteral


Mon is a well-being coach specialising in relaxation & stress management with easy to apply tools using the mind, body & breath. She takes a holistic approach, inspiring prevention over cure, living over existing & human BEINGS over human doings. Mon runs relaxation & breathwork  programs, exam prep in schools, youth yoga, and teaches mindful pilates & is an Access Bars practitioner. Mon is accredited in health coaching, breath coaching, youth yoga, pilates, meditation, mindfulness & Access Bars therapy. 


In today’s episode, Mon talks to Filly about:


  • How Mon experienced body burnout for 16-months when her 17yo son was diagnosed with a life-threatening infectious disease. Mon shares what body burnout looked like for her - extreme fatigue, mental shutdown, and emotional breakdown. 
  • Mon shares deeper root-causes of her burnout - while “stress” was the catalyst, the deeper root-cause was a traumatic trigger response of being stuck in a hypervigilant stress state, as well as deeper self-limiting beliefs about herself that caused people pleasing and rescuing patterns, that left her own cup dangerously empty. 
  • We then dive into how Mon recovered from body burnout using a holistic approach - weekly massages, wholefood nutrition and nutraceuticals, and taking care of herself with breathwork, yoga, nature, sunshine and leaning into things that bring her joy. 
  • Mon takes us through the physical and mental benefits of breathwork, and how you can easily implement it into your day.
  • She also gifts our listeners with a short body awareness breathwork technique, that you can listen back to whenever you need some self-regulating calm :) 


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