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15. Get out of Hustle & Grind & Burnout with Glen Carlson

Chris & Filly are joined by Glen Carlson from Dent Global on today’s podcast episode. Glen brings a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to juggling entrepreneurship, business growth AND overcoming & preventing body burnout. Glen helped us out in a pivotal moment of our own “business burnout,” so we are so excited to have him on our show as he shares his insights on how you can get out of the hustle & grind burnout cycle, look after your health, and have epic growth in business and in life. 


About Glen Carlson


Glen Carlson is the co-founder of Dent Global, best known for the award-winning ‘Key Person of Influence’ book and business accelerator programs. 


From the chaos of the GFC, Glen has built Dent into what refers to as ‘The world's leading brand accelerator’. 

With 5 business acquisitions under his belt and a team of 45 across 12 timezones, Dent has shaped the trajectory of hundreds of best-selling authors, TED speakers, and multi-award-winning fast-growth companies.

In 2021 Virgin named Dent as ‘business enabler of the year’ and the Growing Business Awards named them ‘Business Advisor of the year.’


Glen’s passion is helping entrepreneurs stand out, scale up and use their business to make a positive impact in the world or as he would say, make a dent in the universe.


Glen has graciously offered all our listeners a free copy of the Key Person of Influence book, which you can grab in the show notes. 


In today’s episode, Glen talks to Chris & Filly about:

  • Glen shares how he got into the world of entrepreneurship after travelling the world on a yacht as a teenager with his parents, and seeing the potential of having more fun, freedom and adventure by having his own business.
  • We then dive into the nitty-gritty of when Glen experienced significant body burnout, adrenal fatigue and anxiety when his business Dent Global and the Key Person of Influence business accelerator sky-rocketed in growth (making MILLIONS more).
  • Glen reflects on the deeper root-causes of his body burnout, especially around how he was responding to “stress” - or more specifically how he was creating “stress” internally.
  • Glen shares how he healed from body burnout: how he made massive changes in the structure of his business to support his energy and health (and that of his “burned-out” staff), how he did regular lab testing and took targeted supplements, and how he prioritised self-care.
  • We then dive into Glen’s Key Person of Influence business accelerator program, and Chris & Filly share their own experience of being in the program, and how it led to their own business success, and supported health and wellbeing as it reduced the “stress” of trying to run a successful business (Glen gave us the process: the 5 P’s - pitch, publish, product, profile, partnerships).
  • Glen shares how becoming a Key Person of Influence in your industry helps business owners get out of hustle & grind & burnout.
  • We also chat about self-doubt and the Imposter Monster and how this shows up in both business and health, and how you can overcome it by surrounding yourself with a community that shows you it IS possible to get what you want.
  • Glen ends with a punchy bit of advice: if you are showing signs of burnout act now! Because the reality is, if you don’t, it’s only going to get worse. 

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