11: “Connect The Dots” - Food Sensitivities, Grave’s Disease, Chronic Cough

In this “Connect The Dots” episode, Chris & Filly dive into a listener's case around food sensitivities and other “mysterious” symptoms, including chronic cough, fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, dry skin and Graves disease.

They talk about food sensitivities, including the pros and cons of doing food allergy testing, and the more effective lab tests to use when it comes to addressing food sensitivities. They also analyse other symptoms to identify possible body system imbalances that are causing an abnormal immune response to foods in the first place. 

They also dive into potential root-causes, including the listener’s internal stress response, and deeper “metaphysical inflammatories” that could be triggering the immune system.

…And heads up for next week’s episode: you’ll hear from our client Alice and how she overcame her own food sensitivities (this gal was down to eating only asparagus and mushrooms!), as well as breast implant illness, a myriad of “mysterious” symptoms and deeper unconscious wounds using our Ending Body Burnout Method!


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