12: Breast Implant Illness, Mystery Symptoms & Unconscious Wounds - Alice's Story

Filly is joined by Alice, one of our beautiful clients, who shares her own ending body burnout story. Brace yourself - Alice’s story is wild (think only being able to eat asparagus & mushrooms at her lowest point)!


In this episode, Alice chats with Filly about:


  • How her health had always been problematic, starting right back as a kid when she would experience chronic throat infections. As an adult, Alice developed inflammatory conditions - herpes in the oesophagus, endometriosis attributed to the contraceptive pill, then a TIA (mini-stroke) which left half her faced paralysed in 2018.
  • Shortly after, Alice got breast implants, and her health went steadily downhill from there. She developed chronic fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, tinnitus, thrush, anxiety, paranoid thinking, gut issues, and food sensitivities (to the point where she could only eat asparagus and mushrooms!). 
  • After getting nowhere with the doctors (they said her symptoms were just ‘psychosomatic’), she took her health into her own hands, and tried elimination diets and did some labs and treatment with naturopaths. She saw some improvement, but still her symptoms kept flaring up, and she knew she hadn’t hit the root-cause. 
  • Alice came across breast implant illness (BII), and finally took the plunge to remove the implants in 2022.
  • Alice reached out to us at Chris & Filly Functional Medicine, to support her in recovering from BII and to finally get to the ROOT-root of her body burnout. 
  • We ran labs first, which showed stage 2 Adrenal fatigue, low testosterone & progesterone, parasites & bacterial overgrowth, low beneficial microbiome & sigA, and detox issues, and we got to work addressing her body with lab-based supplements.
  • Alice started feeling better, but then experienced burnout at work, showing up physically in her body as a somatic trauma reaction. She knew she had to dig deeper into healing her body, so she joined our Ending Body Burnout Method to holistically heal her body, by getting to deeper subconscious core wounds, retraining the brain and regulating the nervous system.
  • Alice shares how her childhood upbringing of neglect led to perfectionist and addictive-doing patterns, and how it was physically affecting her body, and how she addressed this in Spark, a core process in our Ending Body Burnout Method.
  • Alice is living a calm, centred and vibrant life now. She’s learned to regulate her own system, especially at work. She’s more present as a mother. She’s back exercising mindfully. And she’s eating ALL the foods again!


We have so loved working with Alice so far. She’s a beautiful soul, and so dedicated to healing her body - physically and metaphysically, in all its layers! A huge thank you to Alice for the courage to share her story - we know it’s going to inspire you. 


If you’ve been suffering with “weird” chronic symptoms that don’t seem to get better, and you feel like there’s no way out, you’ll absolutely want to listen in to Alice’s ending body burnout story.


As Alice says at the end of the episode: “There is a way!” 

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