10: Filly’s Decade-Long Emotional Eating Journey

In this episode, Filly intimately shares her emotional eating journey that spans across the past 11 years, with co-host Chris. 


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Back to today’s episode…

  • Filly talks about her experience with emotional eating.
  • She initially thought she was eating healthy, but was actually a sugar addict.
  • Discovering how the food she was eating was causing inflammation and could lead to cancer, she completely changed her diet to clean, wholefoods and fermented foods. Although this was in an effort to heal from her body burnout, it  also came from a place of fear.
  • She struggled with bingeing on sugar on weekends, and even went so far as hiding her habits, and was constantly plagued with feelings of guilt and shame - especially when she became a clinical nutritionist!
  • She eventually realised that the "naughty" foods were harming her body and went cold-turkey to stop eating them. Initially this was a struggle, with constant feelings of deprivation and restriction. 
  • A few years later, she learned to love nourishing her body with healthy foods. This was during the time she did functional medicine lab work and protocols on herself, which helped the emotional eating. 
  • During COVID, heartburn flared up every time she ate, especially with high-histamine foods. Filly couldn’t muster up the energy of eating a restricted diet again, so she continued to eat the histamine foods, and bandaid the heartburn with natural supplements.
  • Filly knew something wasn’t right. And dug deeper into root-causes.  After deep inner work, Filly realised she was (very subtly & stealthily) not trusting her body, and so she reprogrammed her brain and regulated her nervous system, which lifted the heartburn. Even big trigger foods - like dairy - she could start eating again, without any major issues.
  • She now has a free and flowing relationship with food, trusting her body to digest any food she chooses without guilt or shame.

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