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6: People Pleasing & Body Burnout


Today, we will discuss a common pattern that many busy people experience, which is a major contributor to body burnout and can result in energy, mood, and gut issues. This pattern is known as "People Pleasing." Next week, we will feature a special client story with Brian, who experienced chronic headaches, brain fog, exhaustion, anxiousness, and stinky body odour. At the deepest root-cause level, his health issues stemmed from a chronic "people pleasing" pattern. We had a great conversation, and we can't wait for you to hear from Brian next week. But now, let's dive into "people pleasing."

What is "People Pleasing"?

Here are ten characteristics of a "people pleaser":

  1. Difficulty saying no
  2. Overcommitting
  3. Avoidance of conflict
  4. Need for approval
  5. Difficulty asserting themselves
  6. Self-sacrifice
  7. Anxiety or stress
  8. Lack of boundaries
  9. Difficulty prioritizing
  10. Guilt

Additionally, according to Stephen Karpman's Drama Triangle, a people pleaser may assume the role of a "rescuer." In this mode, the person does not value other people's capacity to help themselves, appears self-sacrificing, is overly helpful and facilitative, likes to be needed, prone to unnecessary meddling, and engulfing.

Five Body Systems That Breakdown When You People Please

Here are five key areas of the body that we see breaking down time and time again when people are constantly "rescuing" others but failing to care for themselves:

  1. Stress and Sex Hormones 
  2. Microbiome Imbalances
  3. Digestive Organ Damage
  4. Mitochondria Retraction 
  5. Nervous System 

If you are a self-diagnosed people-pleaser, and your body is failing you, we can test and recommend a program to help you break this pattern.


Root Cause of People Pleasing

People pleasing is a symptom of a deeper subconscious dysfunction. Simply stopping people pleasing behaviour is not enough because it's a symptom of a root-cause wound. 

People pleasing behaviour is often caused by a belief that you're not enough, worthy, lovable, capable, successful, or good. Examples of how this can show up include low self-esteem, fear of rejection, and deflecting own issues.

To address health issues caused by people pleasing, it's important to address the root cause and reprogram the subconscious mind.




The body doesn’t just “break-down” for no reason. There’s ALWAYS a subconscious (or MIND) component to health issues. We hope you’ve gained a deeper perspective on not only where your symptoms may be stemming from, but WHY. 


And a reminder that next week we will hear from our client Brian and how he overcame his own chronic headaches, brain fog, exhaustion, anxiousness & stinky body odour using our body-mind-environment Ending Body Burnout Method!


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