2: Filly’s Body Burnout Story

Today on the Ending Body Burnout Show, Chris interviews Filly all about her own body burnout story and all the layers of healing she went through.


Filly shares:

  • Her first signs of body burnout in her teenage years, when she developed vasovagal episodes (fainting, fitting & peeing herself!), heartburn and PCOS (irregular periods, acne), while also struggling with inner self-doubts and anxiousness.
  • After Chris & Filly marry, Filly struggles with infertility, and is also working her butt off trying to complete a PhD and addictively exercising.
  • Baby #1 (Poppy) comes along - Filly drowns in a vortex of fear and has a traumatic birth, which causes damage to her bladder. Filly has to use a catheter for the first 4-months after birth, which leads to multiple UTI’s, chronic constipation, and several trips back to the hospital where she is pumped full of antibiotics. All while her new baby struggles with colic and screams every waking hour.
  • Filly’s bladder eventually heals, but month-by-month, she starts to develop new symptoms, while pre-existing ones exacerbate - depression, low-libido, hormonal imbalances, chronic sciatica pain, low-immunity (catching all the colds, flus & infections), heartburn, fatigue, acne. 
  • When Poppy turns 1, Filly feels like an 80 year old, and knows she has to do something to address her health. After hitting a roadblock with the GP, physios & osteo’s, Filly deep-dives into nutrition - ditching the processed foods, and making everything from scratch. She also starts studying Clinical Nutrition. 
  • A year later, Filly is starting to get on top of her health issues, and she falls pregnant with baby #2. Elsie comes along - and this time Filly is sure things will be different! But…ALL the same health issues resurface with a vengeance, including full-blown anxiety, panic-attacks and chemical sensitivities. Food as medicine alone doesn’t cut it. So Filly goes deeper and looks into toxins in her home, and also comes across Functional Medicine.
  • By this time, Filly has graduated as a Clinical Nutritionist, and is frustrated by the lack of resolution in her own health issues. So she gets mentorship from one of the world’s best in Functional Medicine, Dr Daniel Kalish, for four years. During this time she runs her own lab tests, and treats her body with lab-based supplement protocols, healing diets and better work-life balance.
  • All is good for a few years until COVID 2020 hits, and Filly’s health issues flare up again - anxiety, heartburn, hormonal imbalances, and this time, also insomnia. None of the “physical” protocols work this time around, so Filly dove deeper into healing her mind and inner patterns, including deep-seated dysfunctional beliefs about herself stemming back from childhood, which was the deepest root cause of her body burnout. After 4.5 months of dedicated inner healing, Filly takes control of her decades-long battle with anxiety and heartburn, and the sleep eases.
  • Filly shares why a holistic ROOT-root cause approach is the best way to practice healthcare, highlighting that it is a missing piece in not only the modern medical system, but also in how many practitioners practice functional medicine and natural medicine. 


Listen in as Filly shares her healing journey with Chris, who also adds his experience of Filly’s struggle with her health issues.



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