What Stories are You Playing in Your Head?

Sep 19, 2020

Hello! Chris here, for a bit of a different story…a love story, haha!

Well, it’s not really a love story. It’s more a story of a girl I had a crush on in High School, that shaped the way I saw myself for a very long time - and how I behaved.

Let’s call this girl Chantelle. I was in the library and I overhead Chantelle talking to another girl…about me. My ears pricked up. 

“Have you ever seen Chris with his shirt off?”

Chantelle replied: “Yes, it’s so gross. He’s sooooo skinny. You can see right into his ribcage. Yuck!”

I was a tall, skinny, lanky kid back then. This comment from Chantelle absolutely shattered my heart. Not only did she not have the same feelings as I did towards her. But she thought I was skinny, and so YUCK.

This experience stuck in my head viciously, and from then on all I could think about was how BIG I wanted to be. I began eating lots of food, working out, trying to pack on muscle and fat. I turned into a BIG guy. Everyone called me BigDog. I got into the sport of Strongman, which meant many, many hours of heavy training everyday, thousands of calories of food, and I just got bigger and bigger.

Suckers Chantelle. I’m not that disgusting skinny guy anymore! If only you could see me now!

I revelled in being the “BigDog.” 

But the thing is. This story I kept playing in my head about needing to be big - the obsession with being big - ended up crushing my health, and even my relationships with my family, and my business. (I shared my burnout story earlier a month or two ago, and how I overcame it).

The point of my blog today is…Are there stories you’re playing in your head that are destroying your health and your happiness? Are there stories you’re playing in your head that are preventing your ability to heal?

As a Mindset coach it is my passion to pull these stories out, and make you realise these stories are only ever fictional. They are not real. You have the potential to change the course of your behaviour, and ultimately you health and happiness :) 

Have the best day ever!


Author: Chris Bellette, Mindset Coach & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner

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