If, Then... Planning

Aug 25, 2021


Are you sick & tired of trying & failing?

You start off with grand plans to overcome burnout and create a healthy life, but all the things you ‘have to do’ to be healthy feels so overwhelming, and a few weeks (maybe even a few days!) down the track, you go back to your old ways...

Gobbling down the chocolate and ice cream to keep you sane (when the kids are going crazy).

Pepping up on the coffee or energy drinks (because you’re struggling to drag yourself through the day).

Putting off going for that walk outside (again...and again…and again).

Losing your shizzle at the kids (even over ‘small stuff’).

You want to change - you really do. You want to get out of the hole of burnout - the fatigue, the irritability, the gut issues...and you know, you know you’re standing in your own way. So why the heck can you not do the things you need to do in order to heal?!

It might feel a bit like you’re tearing your hair out. You might even be losing your hair (yes - stress can do this!). 


How To Create Lasting Habits

Most people are quick to abandon a habit/goal when the going gets tough. It is a proven fact. It’s human nature to want to run back to your cave of comfort.

I want to share with you a very simple technique, If, Then...Planning, that can help you to stay on track and troubleshoot your health goals by being proactive, NOT reactive. With If, Then...Planning, you think about all the ways you could fall off track with your goals, and create a plan of attack IF it were to happen. Rather than being reactive at the moment when things aren’t ‘ideal’, you will already have thought up all the potential obstacles that could cause you to go off track, and you’ve made a plan for what you would do at that moment. 

Reality first happens in the mind, before it happens in real life. So pre-plan your reality!

An example...IF you have slept in and you don’t have time to make a healthy lunch to take to work, you will THEN head to your local health cafe and order the cleanest (and yummiest!) looking salad. IF the cafe happens to be closed, you will THEN head to the supermarket and purchase a pre-packaged salad and a can of tuna.

Or...IF your partner/housemate brings home a delicious-looking cake from the bakery, you will THEN leave the house and go for a walk until the temptation for eating it passes. IF you get home, and the cake is still there, you will THEN store the cake in the most annoying cupboard or at the very back of the fridge, so you are less likely to eat it. Etc...


You can download your copy of the If, Then...Planning sheet here: https://www.chrisandfilly.fm/pl/2147525774

I encourage you to print out some If, Then...Planning sheets and think of all the ways you may go off track with your health goals, and create a plan (and a backup plan/s) that will help you stay on track. 

So many of our clients have said this has really worked for them. I hope it works for you too!


Author: Chris Bellette is Co-Founder of Chris & Filly Functional Medicine. He is an accredited Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Life Coach. He has existed in high-performance realms of the sporting (think national athlete) & business industries and knows what it takes to get from struggle-city to thriving.  Together with his wife Filipa Bellette, Chris has worked with over 2,000+ busy, burnout clients in the last 10+ years, and specializes in producing healthy, balanced, and happy Mums & Dads...or as she calls it, a Power Parent! Chris’s own passion for producing high-performance Power Parents came from his own personal experience of Daddy Burnout, after juggling the demands of business, elite level sport, family, and his own failing health.

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