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How Toxins Screw Up Adrenals/Insulin

May 05, 2021

Feeling sluggish and dealing with brain fog can wreck even the most competent working Mum’s day!

But instead of piling on the caffeine and getting up earlier to do more-- understanding the toxin-hormone connection can help clear the fog for good.

A 7-Day Juice Fast Ain’t Going to do Nothing

When Mum’s are feeling low-energy, sluggish, and foggy, they usually blame their bodies - or the kids! -  for not being able to “keep up the pace”.

Often they will turn to stimulants, try getting up early, or maybe even flirt with juicing in an attempt to be more clear-headed.

But what they don’t realise is that they are most likely carrying a very heavy toxic burden zapping their energy -- which isn’t their fault!

We are all exposed to so many toxins every day.  In fact, in the past 100 years, our environment has become more toxic than ever and these toxins get trapped in our organs and especially our cells.

And your cells are what really powers your energy. However, they can’t function when they are coping with so many toxins like xenoestrogens from the plastics we use, phthalates and other dangerous chemicals in make-up and detergents, and even pesticides in food and heavy metals in our water sources. 

While some women may sense that they need to detox, they don’t realise that a 7-day juice cleanse won’t budge many of the industrial toxins hiding out in the liver and fat tissues.


Toxins: The Silent Stressor

Toxins are very stressful and inflammatory to the body, and can really wreak havoc with your mental health, causing you to feel frazzled at work, and stressed and snappy at home with the kids and the hubby.

So if you've had a large exposure to toxins or even if you've got some genetic issues where your detox pathways are just not working as well as they could be - you’re going to have a buildup of toxins that's inflaming to the body and the brain.

This causes stress on your adrenal glands, which can also then put you into a blood sugar imbalance pattern. 

You see, if your cortisol goes up and down all day, that's going to affect your blood sugar levels. Also if you’re super inflamed and not able to detoxify properly (because you’re not pooing, weeing, or sweating effectively) then all those toxins are just going to be reabsorbed back into the system. And then there’s the issue of sequencing detoxification - if you try to detox in the wrong order (like before you get your gut working better so you can poop out toxins) then you won’t be able to detox properly.

Why DIY Detoxing Can Make You Sicker

Now when people try to do detox on their own, a lot of times they just feel worse. So the first thing we ask is… “who prescribed the detox”  and oftentimes they find these detoxes on random forums in FaceBook or through Dr. Google.

In this case, when they try to detox it just makes them feel sick. And one of the reasons why is that they get a lot of misinformation and free advice that isn’t from a vetted professional taking them through detoxing safely and in the right sequence.

In our practice, we teach clients that detoxification should really come last in the healing process. If you approach it that way, it’s less stressful to the body-- because if you've healed your stress hormones and gut issues then you can actually eliminate toxins properly. 

That's why a lot of people feel really crappy when they try to do a detox on their own. You should be able to detox and maybe get mild to no symptoms if it's done in the right sequence.

And that’s just the physical side of detoxing from environmental chemicals. Then there’s the whole mental and emotional side of detoxing from ‘poisonous’ things in your life - like negative thought patterns, people, places, technology, unblocked trauma, and your own toxic feelings and emotions, which can really have a negative ripple effect on your kids and your family.


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Co-Authors: Chris & Filipa Bellette are the Co-Founders of Chris & Filly Functional Medicine, which is best known for turning time-poor, burned-out & frustrated professional working Mums & Dads, into Power Parents who are present, healthy & connected to their family, their passion, and their purpose in this world. They have worked with over 2,000+ burnout clients in the last 10+ years, with their own passion for creating Power Parents coming from their own personal experience of body, mind & family breakdown, after a prolonged period of physical and mental stress.


Filipa is an accredited Clinical Nutritionist, and a Functional Medicine Practitioner, graduating from the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine. She is also a Ph.D. thought-leader, author, and award-winner writer in Human Rights. Chris is an accredited Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, holistic personal trainer, and holds a Bachelor of Human Movement Science, and has won multiple placings in state and national level sporting competitions.

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