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Client Success Story

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2021

We're pumped to be part of this busy Mumma's healing journey. Lisa went from flat, inflammed & fatigued to an energised & present Power Parent!

Here's Lisa's story...

"After many years of severe stress, I wasn’t really sick, but I also just didn’t feel well.  My main issue was fatigue. It didn’t matter how much sleep I got. I would wake up every morning, just feeling so tired. 

The exhaustion was affecting me in many ways. I would wake up tired and would find it difficult to just find the energy to get up and ready for work.  

At work I put all the energy I had into my job, so by the time I got home, I had no energy for my family. Some days I would just want to get home and lie down on the couch and want to sleep. I would grab something sweet like chocolate to eat, as I knew it would give me a quick boost. Later in the evening, I would get my second wind and when my kids went to bed, I wasn’t tired, and would stay up late watching something on TV or would be on my phone till late. Then I’d wake up exhausted again the next day. 

Over the years, other issues began. I developed asthma and felt short of breath. I saw a specialist who prescribed different puffers, which helped, but didn’t totally get rid of my symptoms. 

I still had an annoying cough and was constantly having to clear phlegm from my throat.

My GP started me on medication for reflux which helped a little, but didn’t stop the problem all together (I’ve since learnt since seeing Chris and Filly that I had a histamine intolerance). 

At the same time I was also diagnosed with sleep apnoea.

My reflux symptoms were so bad that it affected my work and also how I interacted with others, as I avoided having to talk to people, as I knew I would just be cleaning my throat all the time. 

I didn’t feel like doing anything other than what was absolutely necessary. I used to love going to the gym, but I was too exhausted other than to go to work and to care for my kids. 

I felt like I was never going to feel any better than I was. I’d seen specialists and felt like the treatment I was doing, was as good as it was going to get. I wasn’t terribly sick, but I also wasn’t really well. 

I wanted to feel like the ‘old me’ again where I could work, be a fun mum, go to the gym and spend time with family and friends, without feeling stressed and exhausted. 

Chris and Filly didn’t want to just treat the symptoms. They wanted to find out the root cause of the symptoms.

I knew the root cause was many years of stress and the affects it had on my body, but as much as I tried on my own to sort things out on my own (I lost weight, I had seen a Chinese acupuncturist, bio-resonance therapist and a chiropractor regularly) I just didn’t  feel well for a long period of time. I would have times when I would feel okay, but I knew I needed more help. 

Chris and Filly didn’t just guess what I needed from the symptoms I described to them. Testing showed exactly what was going on in my body. It assured me that we were on the right track, and I wasn’t just wasting my money on supplements, that may or may not help. 

They were up front that their program wasn’t a quick fix, but I knew exactly what I should be doing and how long it would take for me to expect to start feeling better.  Since seeing them, I have worked a lot on many areas of my life including food, stress, sleep and movement and all of this has helped me to feel so much better. If I start feeling tired or if some of my symptoms come back, I know it’s because I’ve let something slip, and know exactly what I need to do, to get back on track. 

Support was there whenever I needed it. 

A few months after working with Chris & Filly, I was able to wake up before my alarm went off, and I didn’t feel tried. I was ready to get out of bed and start my day. I could work all day, and come home and have energy for my kids. I stopped feeling overwhelmed with everything and felt like I had energy for my kids and myself again. 

I was able to get off all the asthma and reflux medications and my symptoms are so much better (unless I get off track, but now I know what to do).  I no longer avoid talking to people as my constant cough, and phlegm in my throat has disappeared. 

I have so much more energy for my kids and  myself. I’m able to go to the gym and don’t feel tired after it. I feel so much less stressed overall. 

I feel calm because I know that I can be well. I know I don’t have to keep going back to the doctor, and adding more medications, which will only mask my symptoms and not really give me answers. 

I am still working on my health, and I know it’s going to be a long term thing that I have to continue doing. Just taking supplements isn’t going to fix all my problems. I know it’s up to me to do all the work that goes along, with good health. 

With Chris and Filly’s help I’ve been able to turn my physical and mental health around, and I now wake up looking forward to getting out of bed every day, rather than dreading my alarm going off."

Success Story by a more present, healthy & connected Power Parent, Lisa 


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