Baked Fish Goodness

Sep 23, 2021

When I can’t be ‘bothered’ this simple baked fish recipe is one of my go-to meals. It is oozing with omega-3 goodness and warms me up on a chilly winter. The leafy greens make for a micronutrient explosion, and the brussels sprouts help aid liver detoxification. Plus, it takes all of 5 or 10 minutes to chuck everything together, so it’s super quick and easy. I usually change the ingredients up, depending on what veggies and herbs I’ve got lying around in the garden and fridge, and the type of fish. Any fish baked tastes delicious! This is what we had last night (sorry, not too sure of the quantities…I just fill the dish up to make enough for two meals for our family).


  • 600g blue grenadier fish
  • Lots and lots of kale
  • few handfuls of parsley and mint
  • few tomatoes, sliced
  • few handfuls of brussels sprouts halved
  • a couple of lemons, sliced
  • 1/2 packet of feta
(Sorry, told you the quantities are vague! Just have fun, experiment, it can’t go wrong!).


  1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Wash and chop the kale and herbs and fill the bottom of a casserole dish (don’t worry if the kale is bursting above the dish, it will soon wilt down).
  3. Place fish on top of the greens. Arrange sliced tomatoes, brussels sprouts, and feta over the fish.
  4. Sprinkle feta on top, and bake in the oven for approx. 20minutes.
  5. When fish is just cooked through, take the dish out and devour that baked fishy goodness!

 This recipe is approved for our following Healing Diets:

- Adrenal Healing Nutrition Plan (post-2-week blood-sugar reset)
- Anti-candida diet 
- SIBO Biphasic diet
- Gluten-Free
- Dairy-free
Author: Filipa Bellette, Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner

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