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Are you a Do-er?

Jun 26, 2020

Are you a Do-er? You know, the type of person that is always on the go, doing-doing-doing (and often doing waaaaaaay too much)?

Do-ers struggle with balance. They over-work (or more rightly, over-VALUE-work). They can't seem to stop. Even at night, they are cleaning or studying or completing some job. They struggle to slow-down, relax, chill.

Do-ers can be obsessive. This could show up in repetitive thought patterns. Too much screen time. Sugar addictions. 'Healthy eating' addiction. Over-exercising. Coffee junkie. Insomnia from 'trying too hard' to sleep. 

Sound familiar? :( 

Physically...YOU WILL BURNOUT. Maybe not straight away. But some day. Your bucket. It's just going to - BAM! - overflow. 

ADRENAL STRESS HORMONES are going to go nuts and eventually start to deplete, leading to fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, immune system issues, achiness.

FEMALE HORMONES are going to flunk out, leading to PMS, infertility, hot flushes, hormonal headaches, low libido. Maybe your period will disappear all together.  

NEUROTRANSMITTERS are going to deplete. The wonderful brain chemicals of dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin. They ain’t going to be happy for long. Eventually they too will burnout, which will lead to fatigue, sleep issues, mood imbalances, anxiety, depression, nerve pain, brain fog.

MITOCHONDRIA are going to retract. Become damaged. Shrivel away. These guys are the organelles that live inside your muscle tissue and produce ATP energy. They literally convert food into energy. If the mitochondria aren’t functioning optimally, this can lead to weight gain, fatigue, low motivation, poor drive and general achiness.

“Doing too much” can also effect the gut and the detox system, but we’ll leave that for another post!

This physical breakdown is going to have a huge impact on your mental and psychological health. Not only will you become more prone to mental health conditions, but the worse your overall body feels, the more miserable you become. Your obsessive ‘do-ing’ likely stems from control issues, but the more you try to control and do, the more you burnout, and the more chaotic your life becomes.


It’s easier said then done to: STOP. Do-ers get to a point where their body has broken down so much and is in such a state of stress that it becomes very difficult to stop.

How do I know this so well? Because THIS USED TO BE ME! I’m literally here letting these words flow onto the computer in flurry, because this used to be. My life. My body. My mind. It was a very chaotic and depleted and anxious state of existence.

I needed a good combination of both healing (through lab testing and nutraceuticals to identify and heal imbalances in my body) AND coaching (to literally get my mind settled down, and put structure to my struggles) to get my body and my mind back on track. This is where our Chris & Filly Signature Functional Medicine System was born, and we’d LOVE to help you find ANSWERS & SOLUTIONS to your health issue with our system.

Author: Filipa Bellette, Functional Medicine Practitioner & Clinical Nutritionist

Chris & Filly

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