Imbalances in the Body that lead to Emotional Eating Webclass

Do you struggle with emotional eating? Sugar cravings, food addictions, guilt eating, stress eating, maybe even unhealthy happiness eating?!

Emotional eating is very common, and it's often thought to be a psychological issue, or lack of willpower. 
But the thing is, physiological imbalances ALSO affect the way you eat, and sometimes in a very major way.
This is something many people miss, when they are trying to create healthy eating habits. Even many therapists and coaches don’t understand the way physical imbalances sabotage your healthy eating intentions.
Keen to learn more about these imbalances and if you have them? 
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Join Filipa Bellette, PhD, Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine practitioner as she redefines emotional eating and food addictions from a functional medicine perspective, and takes you through the steps you need to take to create healthy eating patterns. 

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