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Ending Burnout

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Gettting through a pandemic is HARD ENOUGH...

...but then add in...

Fatigue Issues

Trying to keep up with constant change, lockdowns, homeschooling, jabs, pivoting, work from home, cultural divides...

...and now you're feeling even MORE exhausted!

Gut Issues

Bloating, constipation, heart burn, loose poops, food sensitivities, catching ALL the infections...

...something's not right...and you're scared your immune system is suffering!

Mood Issues

Anxious, fearful, overwhelmed with constant change, holidays just want a break!

Feeling out of control and the poor kids (and your partner) are copping the brunt of it!

What is your body burnout costing you?

Can you get through COVID with your health, family & career intact?


"I was suffering with infections...I felt extremely weak & exhausted all the time. Through some testing I found out I had parasites, bacterial infections, my overall gut health was really bad. She got me on a healing favourite thing about my entire experience is how much I learned about taking better care of my health.

Highly recommend her services for a natural healing experience!!"

We get it - being a working parent in the pandemic is hard!

Chuck in feeling exhausted & anxious, lack of sleep & emotional eating, and you're likely feeling like a bit of a mess. But it doesn't have to be this way! We want to show you the tools & resources you need to achieve balance, so that your body can heal from burnout.

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We are Chris & Filipa Bellette.

  • Combined 25+ years  in the health industry 
  • Helped 2000+ burned out clients, including multi-millionaire entrepreneurial parents
  • Finalist in ATMS Natural Medicine 2021 Clinic of the Year
  • Go Global 2021 Front Runner Award for Professional Services
  • Both Chris & Filly were burned-out & stuck in hustle & grind after having kids & running businesses, and know what it takes to overcome it

You're not alone

The fastest way to overcome body burnout

is to get to the root cause in these 3 areas:

Body Systems

Where are your symptoms coming from? What body systems are burned out?


Is your mind organised, calm & motivated, or is it causing body breakdown?


Are you healing or hurting your body with your nutrition, sleep & movement patterns?


Is your environment healthy, happy & set up for success, or is it poisoning you?

Our webclass

Here's what we'll be covering in the live webclass:

  • Supporting immune health against COVID
  • How to harness stress & anxiety and build resilience
  • Body systems that go out-of-whack & lead to energy, mood & gut issues
  • The key areas that both cause burnout 
  • The steps you need to take finally find ANSWERS to your health issues
  • Interactive workshop style where you can share your struggles & what's holding you back
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What's included?

An interactive webclass where you are heard

Q&A - pick our brains with all things burnout related

[BONUS] Ending Body Burnout Assessment that we use with our clients

[BONUS] Adrenal Diet - Heal Stress With Food eBook

[BONUS] 3-Day Sleep Detox guide

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Yoga & Meditation Instructor

“I was feeling depleted after over 5 years of pregnancies and breastfeeding. Filipa was the first practitioner to suggest full testing of my adrenals and gut health and this was such a game changer. Immediately many of my symptoms disappeared and after a few months I felt so much more vitality than I had in years.”


Graphic Designer

“Chris & Filly’s guidance have helped me get control of my overwhelm, monitor my anxiety, focus on better sleep and nutrition and start to cut out the things that no longer serve me. I feel better than I have done in the last 2 years.”



“I knew I was getting better when I was able to wake up before my alarm went off, and I didn’t feel tried. I was ready to get out of bed and start my day. I could work all day, and come home and have energy for my kids. I stopped feeling overwhelmed with everything and felt like I had energy for my kids and myself again”

Take back your power  - end body burnout today!


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