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3 Steps To End Your Body Burnout Webinar [FREE] 

Mon 27 May 7pm-8pm AEST

Are you stuck on the “busy” cycle - over-doing, overwhelm, perfectionism, people pleasing - and now your body is feeling burrrrrrned-out?…Energy, mood, gut & other inflammatory issues? 

🚧 Have you hit a roadblock with your GP? 🚧

🤔 Dr Google failing you? 🤔

Even the diets, supps & naturopathy protocols aren’t quite getting to the root?

Because…try as you might, your symptoms keep coming back & you can’t seem to relax?

If this is you - you’ll want to sign up for our FREE 3 Steps To End Your Body Burnout Webinar 

Get ready to find your SPARK again! 


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3 Steps To End Your Body Burnout Webinar [FREE]

Mon 27 May 7pm-8pm AEST



6:30pm SA, NT

5pm WA

If you live outside of Australia, check out the time conversion HERE

During this FREE event, you'll:

  • Get laser-clear on how body burnout is costing you
  • Get laser-clear on what you REALLY want & WHY
  • The 3-steps to end your body burnout (for good!)
  • The deepest-root cause of body burnout & “busy” patterns
  • Why testing body systems is important & how to do it
  • How healing the deeper levels of your self (i.e. patterns, programming, trauma) is essential if you ever want to resolve chronic health issues for the long-term
  • How to support the body to heal from body burnout
  • Q&A with Chris & Filly

How the event works

After you register, you'll receive an email confirmation (make sure to flag our emails as “safe” so they don’t end up in junk).

The day before & day of the event, you will receive reminder emails with the ZOOM LINK to join the live workshop.

You will be let into the room at the start of the event.

The day after the event, you will be emailed a link to gain access to the recording and resources.

There will also be an invite into our Ending Body Burnout Method program, which opens up 20th - 28th May (we only open doors a few times a year).

On a mission to end body burnout..for good!

We’re putting on this free live webinar because we are on a mission to end body burnout…for good! I (Filly) have experienced body burnout THREE times, and each time I had to go deeper into discovering the root-cause - not just looking at the physical body, but also the unconscious mind, the nervous system & the brain, and how distressing events from the past affect them.

It took me 10 years to unlock the code - and now I want to accelerate your healing & take you through exactly what I did to resolve my chronic weird health issues - anxiety, insomnia, gut issues, low immunity, body pain, female hormone issues, low energy, chemical sensitivity, histamine intolerance - as well as deep-seated perfectionism, people pleasing & addictive-doing patterns that steeped in past distressing events & that led to the health issues in the first place.

When you learn how to listen to the deeper messages your body is sending you - and how to communicate back & act on the messages - THIS is a game changer! You essentially become your own self-healer & self-regulator for life, so you don’t end up in a state of body burnout again.

About Chris & Filly

Chris & Filipa Bellette are the Founders of multi award-winning health practice Chris & Filly Functional Medicine, which is best known for ending body burnout (for good!) in “busy” people with energy, mood and gut issues. They have worked with over 2,000+ burned-out clients in the past combined 25+ years, with their own passion for ending body burnout coming from their own personal experience of body, mind, family & business breakdown, after a prolonged period of physical and mental stress.

Filipa is an accredited Functional Medicine Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist, Coach & Trauma Therapist. She is also a Ph.D. Scholar, award-winning writer & regularly featured the media, such as Forbes, Body+Soul and The Daily Telegraph.

Chris is a Burnout Recovery Coach & an accredited Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, with a Bachelor of Human Movement Science. He has existed in high-performance realms of the sporting (think national athlete) & business industries and knows what it takes to get out of hustle-and-grind culture to thriving.

They were recently awarded as the Tasmanian State Winner & National Finalist for the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022, and Winner of the Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards 2022.

Filipa Bellette
  • Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Clinical Nutritionist, Coach & Trauma Therapist
  • PhD Scholar
  • Award-winning author
  • Mama of 2 girls
  • Lover of sunshine & good food
Chris Bellette
  • Burnout Recovery Coach
  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • Human Movement Science Grad
  • Former athlete & Army reservist
  • Filly's food taste tester
  • Beach-loving guitar player

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